8 tools to schedule the best post on Instagram – Choosing social sites is not as easy as thinking. There are secrets that make us better at writing posts and entertaining or following. It's hard to find time to write, and when there's time, there's an option to write 2 or 3 posts at a time, but not at the same time.

Instagram serves very good business purposes, but it's hard to find a suitable and reliable program to handle their content. Interestingly, there are no special offers or solutions for businesses and post scheduling, but there are other tools used. Let's take a look at third party solutions.

Timing is sometimes very important, which is the way to reach more followers. During specific time periods, there are many readers and followers who spend time browsing content on media sites. When you think of giant romantic pages, Instagram is in the top 3. This is why you should learn how to use it properly. However, attracting people and retaining them is not simple.

Scheduling Instagram content is extremely useful, like when you're having a seminar as a presenter and you want to keep your audience updated on events.

For those who need help getting notifications, there are helpful tools. It helps you manage posts, so they can't post content. Then try Later, Buffer, ViralTag or Hootsuite.



Some Instagram forums say this is the best program you should use. Just upload content, schedule and get notifications to confirm the timetable with one click and the magic has been done. When handling devices, there's no need to save content on your phone, as content is always available from other devices. When not satisfied with the schedule, choose to reschedule. The program has data like charts to test the most effective media and date segments.

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Features and easy handling makes life easier. When you set all parameters, sometimes you do not need to do to check the scheduled posts. Choose videos, photos or other content, Schedugram is an order-driven tool. Even if you decide not to post the given content, it will create a draft that will be archived and saved for future use. You also do not need to bother looking for another application to add filters or crop images, because it has solvable functions. There is a feature called integration that comes with Canva, to create campaigns. Handling multiple accounts means that there is no problem with the Schedugram. Notification messages are sent immediately after posting the given content. So you will always get updates about the content.

If you want to test it before committing to the program, then choose the trial that is used for up to 7 days and also has a short commitment option, because you choose to pay for a monthly subscription, approximately 20 dollars a month. Of course, this price depends on the number of users and followers. So it will be very expensive if you are famous and have many accounts to handle.



Onlypult is the best option for people who like to follow the results of posted content. Because it has an integrated Analytics feature to check the number of subscribers you get with each post, appropriate time and hashtags. On the other hand, also schedule posts in the last few weeks or months. When there is a specific plan to follow up, this program is a partner. Use URLs, photos, videos and you can edit them. Geotags and emoticons are also added to the scheduled posts.

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It also helps you process multiple posts at the same time and delete them if you no longer need to archive them. The program has 40 accounts processing the posts and services available for about $ 12 / month, after the end of the trial. When you like things in order, choose this program, because you'll be keeping track of metrics and tracking interaction rates clearly.

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Latergramme is a browser and application suitable for iOS and image processing. When you don't like to keep things at your fingertips, choose this program, as it only sends you reminders when posting. The good news is that you only post after confirming the content and business version of the program. If you want to buy it, it costs $ 9.50 / month.


Instapult has very attractive options by allowing administrators to invite. The abundance of filters and easy handling make this a great possibility. Prices start at $ 9.50 per month.


Grum also deserves a mention, as it has the same capabilities as other tools, meaning scheduling of photos, videos for the coming weeks, cropping, geotagging and using emoticons. . Multiple accounts are also supported, but missing filters. The trial period is only 3 days long, a bit short if you do not know how to handle a program like this and its potential. The price will be on the side of this program, as you will receive it for $ 9.95 per month for 2 accounts.


This is a new program that is also reliable when scheduling posts. The best function is that you also use it on Android and iOS. Cutting and using filters are also part of the package chosen from a folder on your computer. Customers are also supported and you can add Twitter and Pinterest accounts to share articles on other media.

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If you're serious, the starting price is $ 4.99 a month. Before deciding, choose a 7-day trial version.



When you need a fully integrated mobile application to handle Instagram posts, choose Crowdfire. Whether Instagram or Twitter, that means there is no problem with Crowdfire; You will handle it at the same time. Providing hashtags is a great feature from developers to become more efficient and reach more readers.

Lacking editing tools, but it makes up for the black and white list. It's perfect for anyone who doesn't want to juggle with multiple accounts (Instagram and Twitter at the same time), but it's still capable of multiple users. The price of the basic plan is about $ 9.99 a month.

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The programs listed above are excellent, because they are easy to handle and do not bother the account owner with unwanted questions about posting. Of course, Instagram is basically designed for easy mobile use and wants to own a more professional and reliable product to continue posting without asking too many questions. The desktop version of Instagram does not allow uploading anything, so these tools are very important in order to handle the system on our PC.

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