8 facts you probably already know about Pirate King Gol D. Roger

As one of the most famous characters in One Piece, however, there are 8 facts about Gol D. Roger that not everyone knows.

1. One of the few captains who doesn’t eat devil fruit

In the latest chapter of the manga, Roger is confirmed not to eat devil fruit, but he is still respected by the pirate world. Surely Haki Conqueror of the Pirate King must be in the worst form of the story.


In the current One Piece, there is only one captain among Yonko, the only one who doesn’t eat Devil Fruits is Shanks.

2. The only captain with his crew to reach Laugh Tale


This is an achievement that no other pirate crew other than the Roger Pirates have achieved. Years after Roger’s death, Kaido and Big Mom’s “greedy” and brutal pirates still can’t reach Laugh Tale.

3. Can hear the “Voice of all things”

Roger can hear voices from the Poneglyphs, which is why he was able to collect all of the Poneglyphs (but still needs Oden’s help to read the ancient inscriptions).

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Besides Roger, only Luffy, Shirahoshi and Oden can hear the Sea King’s words. Meanwhile the ones who can hear Zunesha’s voice are Luffy, Oden and Momonosuke.

4. Is the person who has been awarded the highest level of reward to date.

He was offered a bounty of 5,564,800,000 beri, the highest bounty for a pirate in One Piece history. So far, no pirate has been able to surpass this record.


The only person close to Roger’s bounty is Whitebeard with a bounty of more than 5 billion beri.

5. Be the owner of the straw hat Luffy is wearing


Not in a hereditary fashion, Roger handed the straw hat back to Shanks. Shanks then “passes” it back to Luffy.

6. The first character to die in the One Piece manga


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This is an interesting detail, remember in chapter 1 of One Piece manga, Gol D. Roger was executed, so he was the first pirate to die in the story of One Piece manga.

7. Most members of the Roger crew do not eat Devil Fruits.

The most important characters of the Roger Pirates, Shanks, Rayleigh and Crocus, do not eat Devil Fruits, as evidenced by the fact that all 3 have the ability to swim very well.


The members of the Roger crew that have been known to eat Devil Fruits are Buggy, Douglas Bullet, and Kozuki Toki. In it, Douglas Bullet only appeared in the movie, not a canon character.

8. The whole family is dead.

Despite having a glorious life, however, the whole Roger family died. In addition to his death, the death of his son Ace took away a lot of tears from the audience.



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