WordPress is currently one of the most popular and used CMS in the world. When building a website with WordPress, choosing a good WordPress hosting hosting that is suitable for your needs is also one of the factors that helps improve SEO and increase traffic. Therefore, website hosting is one of the main components of creating a successful website. In this article, HOSTVN will give you some criteria to help you choose your website hosting.

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Selection criteria for WordPress Hosting

There are many hosting providers on the market, which can make it difficult for you to choose the best one. If you are planning to try out new WordPress hosting, you should consider the following criteria:

1. Optimized for WordPress

Hosting must meet the minimum requirements to run WordPress. In addition, WordPress has its specific features and not all hosting is set up optimally for WordPress. So when choosing hosting you need to make sure that it fully supports WordPress.

2. Speed

speed - choosing WordPress Hosting

Based on the statistics, visitors will exit your site immediately if they take too long to load the page and therefore the speed of the site is very important. In addition, Google will underestimate the site with slow loading speed. You can check web speed through the top 10 free website speed testing tools. This is especially important when we talk about WordPress hosting. For a good WordPress hosting it should be used SSD hard drive as well as webserver Litespeed rated as compatible and best for WordPress today.

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3. Uptime

uptime - choose WordPress Hosting

Uptime is the time when the server / server operates continuously, without problems leading to interruption of operation. When choosing hosting, uptime is also a very important criterion because if the hosting you use has too low uptime, your website is often interrupted, the result will make your website rank down. carpet in SEO results.

4. Support


Quality of support is another important criterion. Good web hosting should provide 24/7 technical support, including live chat, email, ticket and phone support. This will make it easier for you to use hosting and find the necessary support promptly when your website goes down.

5. Privacy


Security is a very important factor in cyberspace. Currently, many websites are attacked by hackers and malicious code every day leading to the website being sabotaged and put on the blacklist by Google. So when choosing a hosting, make sure that your web host is using it CLoudLinux Help fight Local Attack and get equipped malware scanning software as well as system provision Daily backup help you can recover the website easily.

6. Install WordPress with just 1 click

If you are not too technical, you should choose a hosting provider whose hosting tools have built-in WordPress installation tools with just a few mouse clicks.

7. Selling price

There are many companies that offer WordPress hosting services. Their hosting packages also vary in price. Always choose a package that meets your needs and affordability.

8. Refund


Before you choose a web hosting, you should check to see if the provider offers a trial with a money back guarantee. Why so? It's as simple as this – if during the trial, you find that they cannot meet what you require or their service is not enough for you, you can get your money back.

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WordPress hosting service at HOSTVN

WordPress Hosting is a specialized hosting service hosted by technology professionals HOSTVN Optimization studies dedicated to WordPress source code. Suitable for customers who use to build sales websites, company descriptions, news, e-commerce … With WordPress Hosting service in HOSTVN Customers have always been committed to the level highest security, your website will always be fastest access speed, technical team of HOSTVN Will always be on hand to support you most enthusiastically day and night.

  • Offer package trial.
  • Use a dedicated hard drive SSD high speed.
  • Parameters that meet the best processing standards for WordPress.
  • Hosting management software cPanel.
  • Bandwidth unlimited.
  • Update the applications MariaDB and PHP 7.x Latest.
  • Technology is applied Litespeed, CloudLinux.
  • Installing WordPress is easy with Softaculous.
  • Establish periodic data backup mechanism 14 consecutive days.
  • Free SSL Let’s Encrypt.
  • Commit to refund 100% of the money within 30 days of use.
  • Free domain name .COM or .NET when paying 1 year


wordpress hosting pricing


Through this article HOSTVN Hope to help you choose for yourself a good WordPress hosting and consistent with the needs of your use. If you have any comments you can leave a comment below.

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