8 best WordPress professional photography plugins – Do you want to create a great visual experience with the website? Sell ​​photos to everyone? Connect your WordPress site to Instagram and Pinterest to connect with art lovers? If you want something in the above question, you need the best WordPress photography plugins.

Here are 8 of the best WordPress photography plugins and how they make a better WordPress photography site.

8 best WordPress photography plugins

  1. Optimole


Optimole is an easy-to-use freemium plugin that optimizes images to speed up and automates optimizing future uploads. In addition to compression and size options, Optimole also automatically serves adaptive images based on screen size for best results. Better yet, Optimole has this image through the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN).

Salient features

  • Automatically compress and resize images
  • Auto-serve images are optimized based on screen size.
  • Serving images via Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Crop photos with smart cropping
  • Automatically add watermarks to images to prevent image theft


The free plan comes with Amazon CloudFront CDN, making Optimole an excellent free CDN for WordPress.

Optimole also has two premium packages:

Individual package for $ 9 / month (25,000 monthly customers)

Business plan for $ 29 / month (based on annual payments)

If neither of these packages fits, there are customized packages with unique features and pricing.

  1. Instant Images


Instant Images transfers images and entire albums from Bapt to WordPress site with just one click. It finds and uploads quality photos without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Salient features

  • Upload images with just one click
  • Edit image metadata before uploading
  • Create image template


100% free from WordPress.org.

  1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed


Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is a plugin that helps display Instagram feeds or display photos from multiple Instagram feeds.

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This plugin was previously named the Instagram Feed.

Salient features

  • Easy to set up
  • Display multiple Instagram feeds, on one page or on multiple pages
  • Integrated shortcode options to customize


Free from WordPress.org or $ 49 for the premium version.

If you own multiple websites, you pay $ 89 to license the plugin for 5 websites or choose the Developer package at $ 189 for unlimited licenses.

  1. Pinterest Pin It Button Of Images


Pinterest Pin It Button Of Images has a Pin It button on individual images on the website. When visitors hover over the image, a button will appear, to share breathtaking photos on Pinterest.

Salient features

  • Select images to add a Pin It button
  • Automatically exclude certain image layers
  • Customize the interface of the Pin It button


100% free from WordPress.org.

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  1. Regenerate Thumbnails


The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin will resize the gallery image. This is useful if you have switched to a new theme of different sizes, if you have a custom size, or if a new thumbnail size has been added to an existing theme on the website.

It will help you serve thumbnails.

Salient features

  • Select images to recreate thumbnails or choose to recreate thumbnails for everything in the media library.
  • Delete old, unused thumbnails to free up server space


100% free from WordPress.org.

  1. WooCommerce Photography


WooCommerce Photography is a plugin for selling photos on the store

WooCommerce Photography is a premium utility of the WooCommerce plugin to sell photos directly from the WordPress site. You will need to install the basic plugin for WooCommerce Photography to work, so this option helps you sell other related products.

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Salient features

  • Bulk uploader
  • Intuitive browsing experience
  • WooC Commerce shopping cart technology

Price: $ 79 to license a site's extension, $ 129 to license the extension for five websites, or $ 179 to license the extension for 25 sites.

  1. Envira Gallery


The Envira Gallery Plugin has a drag and drop tool to create the perfect online photo gallery. Select one of the gallery templates or create something completely unique to show your work. There are also add-ons such as a WooCommerce add-on that helps sell the work.

Salient features

  • Many custom album templates
  • Drag and drop builder for custom albums
  • Replace Lightbox Images
  • Independent galleries (not attached to your website)
  • Add-ons to create albums, embed videos, watermarks for your work, and more


Envira Gallery provides basic free options at WordPress.org.

Later, Envira Gallery provided three main plans:

Basic – $ 29

Plus – 69 for additional functions and three site licenses.

Pro – $ 99 has more features and 25 site licenses.

They have a reseller plan for $ 299, unlimited website licenses and lots of account management tools.

  1. Soliloquy


Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plugin from the same developer as Envira Gallery, to create aesthetic photo and video sliders, showing the entire scope of work on a page.

Salient features

  • Sample built-in slider
  • Drag and drop builder for custom sliders
  • Lightbox slider
  • Conveyor tool
  • Scheduling tool
  • WooC Commerce compatible
  • Customizable CSS


Soliloquy has a basic free version at WordPress.org.

Then there are three paid packages:

Personal – $ 19 for a site license

Many – $ 49 for advanced functionality and three site licenses.

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Developer – $ 99 for up to 25 sites and more advanced features

Besides that there is an Affiliates plan at $ 249 for unlimited websites and account management tools.

How to choose the best WordPress photography plugin

These plugins are created for photographers, but serve extremely different purposes. Amateur photographers focused on creating a following mass media will want to stick with free plugins like Optimole and Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed.

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On the other hand, professional photographers want to invest in premium versions of plugins like Envira Gallery and Soliloquy.

Finally, if you are still planning a photography site, see the post on how to create a photography website.

And once you start adding images, it's imperative that you optimize them to make it load quickly. Although Optimole helps you a lot, if you still want to learn about image optimization in WordPress. And if you are going to upload a lot of images, you will want more advanced plugins.

Do you have questions about the best WordPress photography plugins? Please write it in the comments! Or, if you find a great plugin not on this list, share it with us.

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