In this article, we will introduce the best 7 WordPress frameworks. Among them is a free, paid theme, depending on your choice.

First, let’s learn what WordPress framework is first.

What is WordPress Framework?

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We all know that WordPress has many themes with different designs and uses. Most themes are not built from scratch but are based on WordPress framework, the theme of that theme. WordPress Framework is like a built-in system, with support tools to help programmers create new themes on it.

Of course, the theme based on the WordPerss framework can still be sold to users.

WordPress website owners can also create a theme with the framework they want if they need functionality or something else.

Overall, there are 2 types of WordPress theme framework. A framework is made by the company itself, theme developer uses it to build their products. Examples for this theme are TeslaThemes and Tesla framework.

The second type of WordPress framework, anyone can use. This type is used to programmers to edit the theme itself. They are free WordPress frameworks, Gentry, or paid, Genesis.

Before using a theme framework, you will need a parent theme and child theme.

Child theme will duplicate the design and source of the parent theme. You can then customize the child theme with every framework. It won’t change your major edits (CSS, WordPress files) even when the parent theme is updated. If you use parent theme alone, the possibility of big changes or customizations on your theme will be lost if it updates.

Those who only make minor edits will have no problems, however, for a programmer, losing all changes will cause them big trouble.

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Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress Framework

Some argue that WordPress theme frameworks are the future of theme customization. Here are some really important information, both good and bad.


WordPress theme framework users can go one step ahead to create the desired theme.

Source code and design are available – users only need to edit directly on it without losing data or configuration when the parent theme updates.


WordPress theme frameworks are not for everyone. Regardless of whether it is free or paid, only developers can take full advantage of it.

Not everyone has programming knowledge. The price of these tools is also relatively high.

The best WordPress framework

We think the following 7 frameworks are the best in the market.

1. Genesis

theme genesis

One of the most famous WordPress frameworks, Genesis can create the perfect environment for every product. It not only helps to create beautiful themes but the framework interface is also excellent.

This framework has a tool to support customized and customized templates, to make theme design easier.

Users can view the demo easily with one click. The final design interface will be responsive on both desktop and mobile.

Price Framework Genesis is $ 59.95, unlimited updates and documentation. That means the Pro Plus version, giving you the entire Genesis theme, priced at $ 499.95 .

2. Cherry Framework

cherry framework

Cherry Framework is a flexible option to create plugins. This framework itself is free because it is open source. But, all of its themes cost an average of 75 USD

This WordPress framework has important features for programmers to structure the module, it allows them to do many projects at the same time.

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3. Divi

divi framework wordpress

Website owners will love this framework. Child theme and its plugin are made for commercial purposes.

Testimonial, pop up notification, and restaurant menu plugins are all very beautiful and professional for business. In addition, Divi also makes plugins and themes for WooCommerce.

However, users pay $ 147 per year to use these great features. Cheaper options are:

  • 2 packages of $ 37 with 1 premium (pop-up or form gravity) plugin
  • Package $ 87 has 3 premium plugins (restaurant, testimonial and breadcrumbs)

When paying, you will have access to courses that help you use Divi comprehensively.

4. TeslaThemes

theme wordpress framework teslathemes

Tesla theme framework is one of the best frameworks. There are 67 themes, with UT toolkit, making it extremely easy to customize.

Unfortunately, Tesla framework is exclusive to its themes.

Users can buy tesla framework with a theme for $ 59 , or get all the themes for $ 99 . The $ 299 package will support lifetime updates and all future future themes.

5. Gantry Framework

gantry framework

In addition to being free and open source, Gantry has many other great features. The intuitive interface and simple layout manager make it easy to adjust a page.

You also have megamenu navigation support and the particle system helps install the block on the site.

To complement the site, Gantry not only supports its own widget but also allows the use of external sources.

If you have problems, the Gantry-using community will also help you handle them quickly.

6.  Headway

headway theme framework

One of its falgship features is the ability to customize the layout as desired. To further improve the design, the editor also helps you select the element option on the page. Change colors, adjust the corners of the boxes, and customize any font.

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Headway also helps create backups with Snapshot feature. Users can set the checkpoint before starting any changes. If you have any problems, you can go back with the previous snapshot.

This WordPress framework is priced at 89 USD / year for Standard package, a template of Headway is available. If you want the entire template, the price will be 199 USD / year for Deluxe package.

7.  Thesis 2.0

thesis wordpress framework

This WordPress framework was noticed after it changed a lot compared to Thesis 1.0. Now it has a user-friendly and modern interfrace interface. Thesis 2.0 is bundled with Thesis, boxes and other editor skins.

Skin editor makes it easy to customize the one-page interface. Box works like wdiget – it adds functionality to the website. And site tools help you optimize kahc1 aspects like SEO. Overall, Thesis 2.0 is a valuable update, making this WordPress framework one of the best frameworks today.

Thesis 2.0 is bundled with Focus for $ 100 annually.


WordPress frameworks are a useful tool for creating websites that are not rebuilt from the beginning. By considering the strengths and weaknesses of each framework, you will be able to choose the best solution for your web design.

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In this article, we will introduce the best 7 WordPress frameworks. Among them is a free, paid theme, depending on your choice. Fi

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