6 ways to work faster in MS Outlook

6 ways to work faster in MS Outlook

Companies of any size are based largely on data Word, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to complete daily tasks. To a certain extent, Outlook has the advantage slightly less than 3 “brothers” above his last. But the real important part of the popular applications of Microsoft Office is email, contact management, scheduling of tasks.

Macworld – The large and small companies rely heavily on data Word, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to complete daily tasks. To a certain extent, Outlook has the advantage slightly less than 3 “brothers” above your new. But the real important part of the office suite is Microsoft’s popular e-governance contact management, scheduling of tasks.

6 tips for Outlook 2010, 2007 and 2003 below will help you spend less time opening email messages, notes about the reminders, drag the file and send them as attachments, add the word to spell check , clear space on the taskbar and improved list of shortcuts to help save time when using Outlook.

A message store folder calendar

Many people do not need to archive email in Outlook and select delete old messages or simply that the shelves are filled to the mailbox. However, most companies have the size limit for each individual Outlook account. So, you may receive a notice from the IT staff to store some old email.

Storage folders can help not filled, but when access has been stored in the message will take longer than the message is not stored. Sometimes, users may need access to old messages than the session default storage of Outlook is 6 months. You can also stop all operations of Outlook or to store software only store some specific folder and message.

Note : Clean Up feature of Outlook 2010 to automatically remove what this software is to identify redundant message in a folder. This is not the same old email archiving features.

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To enable automatic archiving for email in a folder, right-click the folder and select Properties → AutoArchive . By default, this feature will run 14 days storage and the message applies to more than 6 months old at the time. To change the default settings, select the Default Archive Settings dialog box to open the AutoArchive . Here, you can change the frequency of storage, time keeping the message is not stored and where to save the file archive.pst.

6 ways to work faster in MS Outlook
Automatically adjust the settings to edit the stored frequency storage, storage and other options.

To customize the installation of a storage folder, right-click the folder and select Properties → AutoArchive , select ” Archive this folder using này settings “and to make choices. To prevent such a personal message from the archive, open it and click on File → Info → Properties in Outlook 2010 and 2007 or File → Properties in Outlook 2003. Built on the ” Do not AutoArchive this item . “

Create reminders carry more information than

Outlook allows users to assign a certain message with a list of color or mark them with flags. Even with the support from these signs, you still need help to remember the important message. To add a description appears next to the flag when you open the message, select Follow Up → Custom and enter the word or phrase explained.

To add a prompt appears in the tasks and calendar, right-click the message and select Follow Up → Add Reminder . In the ” Flag to “further describe the corresponding action. This text will appear at the top of the message along with other information.

6 ways to work faster in MS Outlook
Add a description for prompt appears at the top of the message to remind ourselves about the reason of a task or what prompted it.

How quickly post attachments

Typical method to attach a file to the email is opened a new message, select the paper clip icon and navigate to the file to attach in the window that appears. If you’re in Windows Explorer or any folder window, can right-click the file and choose Send To → Mail recipient . Create a new message window will appear with the default software of your email.

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Users can save more time by dragging the file directly into your Outlook mailbox, like opening a new message with file attachments automatically.

Customize the spell checker in Outlook

Spelling represents the non-professional, making spell checking feature of Outlook to be indispensable to anyone. No spell checker dictionary can include all the words that you want to use in daily work. Users can help spell checking feature of Outlook to be more precise by adding your names and terms frequently used. In Outlook 2010 and 2007, choose File → Options → Mail → Spelling and AutoCorrect → Custom Dictionaries → Edit Word List . Add your new term here and click OK two times.

In Outlook 2003, click Tools → Options → Spelling button and select Edit in the ” Edit custom dictionary “. Click through to the warnings, if necessary, add new terms to the file CUSTOM.DIC . Next, click File → Save and File → Exit . This tip will not help you save time but can help in writing / email look better.

Microsoft provides more information on custom dictionary in Outlook and other Office 2010 applications on the Office Support.

Minimize Outlook to the notification area.

6 ways to work faster in MS Outlook
Click Outlook from the taskbar display when the software is minimized by selecting the Hide When Minimized after right-click the Outlook icon in notification area.

Over a period of use, your taskbar will be filled by the application has been minimized, even if you choose to group multiple open windows together. (To set up like that, right-click the taskbar, select Properties → Taskbar , and select ” Always combine, hide labels “in the menu next to” Taskbar buttons “).

The user can for Outlook from the taskbar by placing a miniature icon in notification area. To do this, right-click the Outlook icon in notification area and select Hide When Minimized . Outlook will then just shrink the notification area on taskbar, not anymore.


Move quickly into other office applications

If you have opened an office application, then you may also want to work more with other applications. You can open a new Word data, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or other files in Outlook by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + H . This shortcut will open the New Microsoft Office Document dialog box. Just select the file you want and then click OK .

Microsoft Office Home listed a list of keyboard shortcuts for Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003. Here are shortcuts to email:

– Switch to Inbox: Ctrl + Shift + I

– Switch to Outbox: Ctrl + Shift + O

– Select the account to send email to: C
trl +
Tab (focus on the To line), then moved to the Accounts button

– Send: Alt + S

– In response to a message : Ctrl + R

– Reply All to a message : Ctrl + Shift + R

– Mark a message is not junk mail: Ctrl + Alt + J

– Show blocked (in a message) : Ctrl + Shift + I

– Added upload a folder: Ctrl + Shift + S

– Check new email: Ctrl + M or F9

– Jump to the next message: Arrow up

– Go to previous message: Arrow down

– Move up a row: Alt + up arrow

– Go down the row below: Alt + down arrow

– Create a new message : Ctrl + N

– Open a new message received: Ctrl + O

– Convert HTML or RTF message to plain text : Ctrl + Shift + O

– Add a Quick Flag to a message: Insert

– Display the Flag for Follow Up dialog box: Ctrl + Shift + G

– Mark Read: Ctrl + Q

Show download image menu , download to change settings or add the sender to your Safe Senders list List: Ctrl + Shift + W.

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