6 VaultPress alternatives to backup WordPress automatically – VaultPress is an option that many users like, but it is not the only one when it comes to WordPress backup solutions.

This article will discuss the six VaultPress alternatives to manage backups on a WordPress site. We will explain how they work, present key features, and discuss what makes them stand out.

Why VaultPress may not be suitable for your website


If the website has ever been hacked or crashed, you will understand the importance of website backup. VaultPress is a plugin that supports this problem because it is known for both excellent service and almost perfect backup speed.

But not necessarily that is the only option for the website. Formerly an independent service, it is now part of the Jetpack toolkit. As such, you need to register to use VaultPress. It is not a problem because Jetpack has powerful features, like performance enhancements and media sharing. However, if you prefer a simpler and automated backup plugin, a standalone plugin is also an option.

Another factor to consider is price. VaultPress, for example, has automatic, real-time cloud backups for $ 3.50 per month, which only back up for 30 days. If you want unlimited storage, you need to upgrade to a higher plan that will cost $ 29 per month.

VaultPress / Jetpack also does not have discount prices for many websites like many other WordPress plugins – you pay the exact price for each site you use. So if you want to use VaultPress on many WordPress sites, that cost will increase rapidly.

6 VaultPress alternatives to manage backups

Here are six VaultPress alternatives to manage backups. For each plugin, we will outline its features and give reasons why you want to choose it and not VaultPress.

  1. UpdraftPlus


UpdraftPlus is a very popular plugin. You will have backups locally or via the cloud using services like Dropbox or OneDrive. Additionally, you can schedule backups or run them manually and restore backups directly from the end of WordPress.

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Let's take a quick look at some of its key features:

  • Choose to run updates manually or automatically (even with the free version).
  • Backups are stored on a separate server to the website.
  • Customization is simple and easy.
  • The premium version can move or copy the website, send backups to multiple remote storage locations, contact personal support.

The free version handles automatic and manual backups, with other features in the UpdraftPlus Premium plan, starting at $ 70 per year. The free versions will be more suitable for websites.

The UpdraftPlus versions come with functions and 2,900 five-star reviews. It will be an ideal VaultPress alternative for many people.

  1. BlogVault


BlogVault is another VaultPress alternative that is worth your choice. It has a one-to-one alternative to VaultPress, with a approach very similar to backups, as well as advanced features like integrated staging pages.

It automatically backs up to external cloud storage and you can manage it from the BlogVault cloud dashboard (backups from multiple WordPress sites). Integrate it with MalCare (from the same developer) if you want to add off-site scanning.

  • Secure offsite storage on Amazon S3 servers, as well as Dropbox options.
  • Manage backups for multiple websites from one dashboard.
  • Real-time backup for WooC Commerce stores.
  • Move your website from one server to another.
  • Integrated web site staging function.
  • Option to run the software if you integrate with MalCare plugin from the same developer.

There are unpaid versions on WordPress.org, but it's just a trial version of the premium version. Unlike VaultPress, you will receive a discount if you use it on multiple sites. For example, a pack of 5 websites costs $ 16.58 per month (just $ 3.32 per site).

  1. BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy is a premium plugin with useful features to schedule backups. It is known for its top support team and developers who have solutions to protect WordPress pages most safely.

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Let's take a look at some of its features:

  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups.
  • There are options to customize the way you restore backups when needed.
  • Email backup notifications are sent to the inbox.
  • You have the option to download the compressed backup file to your computer.
  • There are also migration options, which help change the hostname or domain name.
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For the price, you pay about $ 80 per year. However, you have unlimited backup for $ 199 per year. Overall, BackupBuddy is a powerful solution and if you want great support besides a quality plugin, you'll be impressed with this Plugin.

  1. BoldGrid Backup


The BoldGrid Backup plugin is a solution that comes with the BoldGrid page creation plugin. It makes it easy to create backups and restore when damage is beyond repair.

Of course, if you are using the BoldGrid page builder, this solution may not be new because you use solutions developed by the same person. But there will be more suitable options, not to mention more flexible, if you are not a BoldGrid user.

Here is a list of some of the main features of this plugin:

  • You have the option of automatic and manual backup.
  • The plugin automatically creates backups before updating.
  • It monitors websites for issues and sends you email notifications.
  • Website is moved or duplicated using

BoldGrid Backup is free, but there is a premium version starting at $ 60 per year. However, it also has a different set of tools and services. If you've been thinking about moving away from VaultPress and Jetpack, this doesn't appeal to you.

  1. BackWPup


Next is BackWPup. It has a full backup with cloud services. You also recover the website from a ZIP file easily and quickly.

We like the large number of services you can target and how flexible the backup location. Compared to other free solutions, the location range for saving backups is arguably the best.

Here are the main features of BackWPup:

  • Schedule backups (even with the free version).
  • There are a large number of target backup locations.
  • The plugin has a database check and repair feature.

The free version handles regular backups, but for world-class support and daily backups, you'll need to choose the premium version. This will cost $ 69 for the first year and renew $ 39 per year for a website. For up to 100 sites, you pay $ 349 per year.

  1. Duplicator


Finally, Duplicator is a plugin that focuses primarily on its migration features, although it's also a feature packed backup plugin. It allows you to move, copy or move your WordPress site without any actual downtime.

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Since it is a migration plugin, the features you expect from a backup solution are not available. For example, scheduling is missing, cloud storage options (more on that later). Make Duplicator not easily put into workflow like VaultPress and other options.

Its main features include:

  • Ability to move or copy a web page.
  • Create site packages, containing websites, databases, and properties.
  • Choose a packed site as many times as you like (create a template with pre-configured themes, plugins, settings, etc.).

For scheduled backups, cloud storage for popular services, email backup notifications and additional support, you should consider the premium version. At $ 59 per year for three websites and increase to $ 129 per year for unlimited website licenses.

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Backups are important for managing a successful website and having options at your disposal. The solution you choose will be based on the needs and features you value most. Website owners use VaultPress based on popularity, price, support and ease of use.

However, there are several VaultPress alternatives worth considering. That is:

  • UpdraftPlus: is the leading free solution to make backups.
  • BlogVault Backup: Provides the most similar approach with VaultPress with features like integrated staging and discounted website licenses.
  • BackupBuddy: is the most outstanding premium solution available, from a reputable developer.
  • BoldGrid Backup: Great for users of other BoldGrid products.
  • BackWPup: A free plugin with flexible target backup locations.
  • Duplicator: A migration plugin as well as a suitable backup solution.
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