6 tools to edit and create video content for businesses – Video advertising is so popular and effective that basically every business should have their own video content.

Big names in the business have high quality video content, huge budgets to satisfy customers. However, owning a small business with a smaller budget, it is not impossible to compete. The various creative tools available on the Internet help you edit and create video ads or any type of video content you want for your website.

Video marketing is a major contributor to increasing organic access. More visitors, the site's conversion rate increases. Although spending very little on video advertising, the increasing number of customers helps businesses.

Before using this marketing technique, you need to have the main story in which you want to spread the brand. Explain how products work, how you want to solve certain problems with your services, and communicate with your audience in a way that creates trust. Videos and infographics are more attractive and interesting than textual content.

Why should you create video content?


First of all, businesses that use video content for advertising have increased their average revenue by 49% faster than those who do not practice video marketing. When adding video content, search engines will consider it more detailed and more relevant to the visitors, helping it to rank better.

The researchers say that by 2019, Internet video consumers will be equivalent to 80% of online access. The sooner you create an online presence with video marketing, the better. You find lots of tips on the Internet on how to improve your website landing page, make a better first impression.

When it comes to email marketing, send the whole video and often it will double or triple the number of people who click on the offer. Studies indicate a 64% higher likelihood for video viewers to purchase a product.

Video content will share your content more. Compared to other content formats, a video has a 39% more chance to be shared on the mass media. Because people find it easier to understand and have emotional connections to visual content,

Best tool to create video content

For a successful campaign, you need to find tools to edit and analyze the video. Creating animation will be a great way to have unique and engaging content that represents the brand.

These tools are available on the Internet with mixed opinions and it is not easy to decide which one will be most beneficial. Some operate online and offline, depending on how you use them. Here are the top 6 creative tools in our opinion for best brand promotion.



Animoto is a great choice for businesses and bloggers. It's an optimal tool for creating a simple vlog or video explanation for the company. The main features are adding voice, text overlay, split screen and creating video collages.

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Animoto creates high quality videos from simple images and short video clips. For a business that wants to present products, events, website posts or in video format, this tool is great. Select this cloud-based video maker and then access commercially licensed and used music in your videos.

When you're done with your video, just one click to share it on the media page. With the premium package, download videos at 720p or 1080p. The only downside of Animoto is that there aren't many templates available.

Their personal package is the cheapest, priced at $ 8 / month with 720p quality video and the Animoto logo will appear at the end of the video. With the professional package $ 22 / month, you can get rid of the logo and you add separate icons. The videos are 1080p and grant you additional customization options. The third plan is a $ 34 / month business plan with the most benefits. This price requires an annual subscription to save you 50%.

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PowToon is basically an introductory builder, optimized for creating explanatory videos and product overview. Businesses have huge potential with PowToon for successful marketing, such as animation or self-recorded video material. Based on user feedback to create high quality videos with the editor within 20 seconds.

It will save time and provide content in many different formats. This will be useful when you need to optimize video content for specific devices. With PowToon, you can unleash your creativity, create outstanding animations and take just a few steps. The interactive interface will help you not to get lost or confused in the process.

Once you've created your video in PowToon, it only takes a few clicks to upload it to YouTube. When used for free, you only need to create 5-minute videos of basic quality while using 100MB of memory. They will also place a watermark on that video.

However, Pro members for $ 19 per month get access to their features like unlimited soundtracks, 15-minute HD videos, 2 GB of storage, 24/7 support and more. more.



Wideo is a very popular video editing tool among businesses. It is user friendly, does not require much experience in video editing and leads to fast results. If you want new videos, animations or audio content for businesses, you should use Wideo.

The features of creating professional videos will help you stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Another reason is the easy and fast sharing options that the platform offers. Wideo makes successful campaigns on social sites by having a series of templates that can be used to advertise in a unique way.

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Creating personalized email campaigns is the most beneficial feature in Wideo that helps businesses increase clickthrough rates. Ads, product reviews, video demos, vlogs, and tutorials can all be personalized by adding a business logo, soundtrack, or images.

Wideo comes in three packages and you can try each package for 7 days. The basic plan is very limited with 1 minute videos, 20 samples, 5 MB of storage for $ 19 per month, but at least the videos are in HD mode. To unlock everything like support and unlimited access, you'll need to subscribe to the Enterprise plan for $ 79 per month.



Wistia has many features to help businesses large and small want an easy and effective solution for marketing purposes. With an interactive interface, it allows you to create HD videos and animations that will appeal to your audience.

The analytics tools will create marketing campaigns that meet your expectations, resulting in greater conversion rates. You will get accurate data on how the campaign, measure results at any time.

After you create a video with Wistia, the results are tracked with a heat map to see how viewers act. It will show you the timestamp where people stopped watching your video, how many times they watched it, and viewers who skipped the video altogether. With this information, you decide which part needs improvement.

Wistia also guarantees a wide range of formats so you don't need additional software to convert content. If you want it for free, you'll be limited to three videos, but standard features are available with every package. They include analytics, unlimited users, sharing, embedding, custom players, and the ability to integrate with other useful software.

Advanced plans depend on goals and you need to consult with their sales representatives first. However, the Pro package is always available for $ 99 a month and is recommended for professionals.



Select Viewbix as a video editing tool, you have video marketing campaigns for multiple platforms. If there are many places people find high quality content and solid growth in the customer base. Viewbix is ​​such an intuitive and fast platform that you can create HD videos within minutes.

Recording audio and video content on the go is easier than that. If you look at its design, you create a clean, minimalistic interface that welcomes customers that are fairly simple to use. In case you have prepared audio or video documents for video campaigns, add them to edit with just one click.

Then just a few steps to create your professional video. When the video is ready, it is also shared on popular media sites and other platforms. Call to action, company logos, and referrals is also great. With Viewbix, you also have access to a set of analytics tools to improve your marketing campaign.

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Viewbix download is free. Businesses often need more than one user to manage the campaign, and you need to contact a sales representative.



Wirecast differs from the above tools and it is mainly used for direct production. It helps you develop business events, educational purposes, introduce new products, interviews and more. Another essential feature is that you capture camera feeds including iOS 8, web feeds, and microphones.

As the best video editing tool on the Internet, Wirecast has many video formats. It is also a fully featured editor to easily edit, record and import video documents that you have previously prepared. When your content is ready, it can be immediately shared on the public page.

Bloggers want their audience entertained by live streams, and businesses that want to promote the brand will find it useful. The download is free, but the platform will add video and audio watermarks to the live stream.

To remove watermarks, choose Wirecast Studio for $ 695 or Wirecast Pro for $ 995. The Studio version will have a two-person conference and YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter streams. In addition, they added the $ 149 NewBlue Titler Live Express to create animated title designs. The Pro version creates a 7-person conference and you can use 3D virtual sets, burn ISOs and more.

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People consume video content every day, and they prioritize it over text or image content. It is difficult for an enterprise to keep up with competitors without video marketing.

It was very expensive in the past, but today affordable tools are available, easy to use. We have shown you the most popular tools available for quick results while saving money. Choose the tool that meets your needs from the list above, start creating your own video campaign.

When video content is a basic requirement on the Internet, the most effective way to stand out from the crowd is to create unique content that tells a story about the business. By choosing these tools, make the technical part easier for yourself.

Get ready to increase the conversion rate of your online business and make the brand more appealing on your website and media sites at the same time.

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