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Any one of us longs for a perfect standard, or to simply put it as a role model for others or ourselves to admire.

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It's been a long way, you know! But if you are a lover of perfectionism and want to be better every day, then let's go through the words below!

A small turn on the journey of self-improvement is to leave those around them with a beautiful impression.

Love from others is the basis for you to know that you are on the right track. And today, try to flip through the problem and discover six things to avoid if you want to be impressive!

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#first. Late

This is a fatal mistake that so many people make. Have you ever had an appointment with someone but he's late?

How did you feel at that time? Annoyed, frustrated and want to leave immediately because I feel my time is being wasted, right?

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Me too, anyone in this case would feel uncomfortable like that. So keep in mind that during an appointment, whether important or just a regular meeting, never be late.

Because you know, when we've agreed on the time when one of you is late, this really makes your appointment start awkward and embarrassing. Moreover, for fastidious and punctual people, being late is like showing disrespect for them.

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So if you want to gain sympathy from the opposite person, remember to never be late for an appointment!

#2. Regardless of Appearance

Not attitude or personality, looks are all what others see from you at the first meeting. Therefore, taking care of yourself is also a relatively important thing for your image to be impressive.

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Bad bohemian people often don't care about what they look like, but this invisible invisibility creates a rather bad prejudice in the eyes of the opponent. They will think that you are superficial and irresponsible to yourself, maybe.

You may be comfortable and carefree at home, but once you need social contact, focus on and make your image at least tidy.

That's how you respect yourself. Moreover, good-looking appearance is also a plus point to help you become more impressive!

# 3. Just Talking About Myself

In a conversation, people often tend to exploit and reveal too much about themselves.

It is easy to understand because they are familiar and do not need too much effort to talk about things that have become part of life.


So we are engrossed in thinking about ourselves and forgetting that others have their own stories. This not only makes you feel uncomfortable, it also makes your image look worse!

Learn to listen and talk about topics of interest. A successful conversation is when it works on both sides, not one who feels satisfied. So, show others that you respect and are willing to share and be with them!

# 4. Disappointed

This is a good rule to keep in mind because a broken promise makes things go so badly.

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Imagine you put great hope and faith in someone but eventually they don't keep their word. It really makes us angry and extremely disappointed, right?

When you break your promises, others feel the same way. Not only are they angry or frustrated, all their beliefs about us also collapse. And just because once broken promises, you have become perpetual unreliable.

So next time, if you promise someone something, give it your all. But remember to promise only the things you can afford! Then you can both help others and build trust in them as well!

# 5. Always Seek to Blame

It seems that a lot of people don't realize the importance of these two words ” sorry “.

So when they do something wrong themselves, the first thing they do is to find enough reasons to justify their actions. This is not good at all!

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In any case, the most basic and easiest thing we can do is apologize. Sincere words are often very appealing, they make others feel like they are an important person and they – are receiving respect.

On the contrary, if you are constantly trying to get rid of your inherent responsibility, this will leave others with a very bad impression. Because nobody wants to work with obstinate, superficial, and conservative people!

# 6. Use the Phone Continuously

The last content I want to exploit is an extremely common problem, and I believe that if we don't take long-term measures, it will continue for many more decades.


Everyone knows that technology is an integral part of modern life, we cannot deny the great benefits that it brings. But problems start to arise when people abuse them too much, especially during meeting dates

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The opposite person will feel extremely uncomfortable if you look at the phone every few minutes. It is easy to understand, because this proves that you do not completely focus on the conversation at all. So, please behave subtly by absolutely not using your phone during your direct appointments!

### Epilogue

Thank you for following along throughout this article. Don't forget to share your views by leaving a comment below!

Love !

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