6 main reasons why your website is not making money – It seems everyone has a website now. And that's not a surprise, because it's a way of expressing your perspective of living and communicating with like-minded people on topics that both of you appreciate. But, the website will be profitable if done correctly.

However, being profitable on the website is not easy. They took the time to create it and post regularly, but didn't see any revenue, despite investing time and money. Find out why the website is not making any money and ways to fix it, keep reading.

  1. You have not earned money


In the beginning, think about what will sell with it. Or display ads and get a commission every time someone clicks on them. Or run an affiliate website and sell other things, when there's nothing of your own. If you don't have a product, market your services, sell ebooks, courses, exclusive membership to the website with more specific content, etc. There are many ways to make money from a website, without compromising its integrity.

  1. Your content is not useful


Writing great content is not an easy task. To get started, you need to choose a popular content, but not too much competition. Why? Because, if you are passionate about a topic and you are an expert on it, but financially if few people are interested in this field. Where, on the other hand, there is competition, there is making money as long as the competition is not too stiff.

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If you only write for search engines, the articles will appear generic and have no real value, because they are only there to target the right keywords.

  1. You are not proactive


If you create a website, post and leave it, no one will know who you are. You need to work to get it in front of an audience. The way to do that is by using the mass media to spread the word. You can link to posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Use hashtags to get trending topics or to spread your brand awareness.

In possibilities, they will set up Google Alerts or something similar, helping them keep track of the places that mention them. If the content is good, expect them to link back to you.

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  1. You are only in it for the money


Of course, people are also looking for ways to make money by writing articles, but if that is the reason to think to do that, then you will not be able to do it. The reason they succeed is because in addition to paying attention to the aspect of making money, they are also extremely passionate about the topics they write them on.

You will experience ups and downs and if you lack a passion for it, you are more likely to give up at some point, especially if you have not earned anything. In addition to enjoying the work, the writer knows that it's about what their audience wants. They understand the psychology of the readers and they know how to deal with the content they send to the readers.

  1. Your website is poorly designed


Today, great content is needed with eye-catching images or adding videos, images or infographics to articles but also about the design of the website itself.

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You need an elegant, simple design. In addition, the page does not have too many ads, CTAs, banners or links. But, even if those elements are balanced, the design is lacking because of the way the content is formatted. For example, fonts that are too bright, too small, or too large, will appear distracting and outdated.

Also, if the article has huge blocks of text, divide them into smaller sections and add subheadings so the audience skimmed it.

  1. You do not spend enough time on your website


A lot of people just for fun or as a side job, and that's great, but if you want to make money from it, give it your all.

Surprisingly, there are still ads that fake things like me earning $ 9,856 / month by writing articles once a week. Even if you have an endless amount of cash, you still can't make a website huge, because writing articles takes time and effort.

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Making money from a website is not easy, especially if you just want to make money from it. But, if the reason is right, it will be extremely rewarding, in every sense of the word. Good luck!

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