Forbes Magazine publishes a list of billion dollar Blockchain companies

Forbes just announced its Top Fintech 50 this week, including six blockchain companies alongside the combined media channels of the world's leading financial technology companies.

In the 'Blockchain and Bitcoin' category, Forbes listed Axoni, Chainalysis, Coinbase, Everledger, MakerDao and Ripple in its top 50 fintech lists in 2020, released on February 12.

Other names on this list include companies like Plaid, Opendoor and Lemonade, which are categorized according to their respective categories like payment, real estate and insurance.

Listed according to the alphabet

Expanding a range of fintech categories, Forbes has compiled a list of the year 2020 in alphabetical order.

Of the 6 categories related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, US crypto exchange Coinbase owns the largest amount of funding at US $ 525 million. Ripple is in second place with $ 293 million. Everledger recorded the smallest amount of funding among the listed cryptocurrency companies – at $ 20 million.

Most are located in the United States

Forbes highlights three similarities for the 50 listed fintech companies related to stock, location and service.

“A few things all of our Fintech 50 2020 options have in common: they are private companies with operations or customers in the United States, and their mission is to make financial services become easier to use, faster and cheaper, “Forbes explained.

Of the 50 businesses listed, up to 48 are based in the United States. The other two companies are from the UK.

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