6 best WordPress newsletters to stay updated on the news – The WordPress community is huge and always evolving. Developers are always tweaking and improving the plugins, themes, offering security updates, adding features and fixing bugs all the time. Everything is going on, you think of updating the latest news by subscribing to the WordPress newsletter.

The simple solution is to register the best and give up on others. And although every newsletter has something different, subscribing to a few news channels would be a better idea. Also, you'll want to focus on the person promoting the original content, instead of simply rethinking other articles on the webite.

This post will discuss some of the best WordPress newsletters, like their main pages, the type of documents they report and how to subscribe to them.

The six best WordPress newsletters

The bulletins below are not presented in any particular order, so take a look at each one to see how it fits your needs!

  1. MasterWP


Perfect MasterWP newsletter for WordPress professionals. It has quality posts every week to discuss WordPress-related issues, both technical and social. It has apps for a better WordPress experience and links to deeper content.

Sign up for the MasterWP newsletter on the website. From there, you will receive it every Wednesday. Also, See the most popular versions to get a feel for the content.

  1. WP Wednesday


This is a newsletter geared towards WordPress business owners. More specifically, the subject is a freelance translator and other related experts. Although some content is managed from WP Elevation's blogs and podcasts, the newsletter also has exclusive content that you won't find everywhere.

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This newsletter will keep you up to date on other topics, plugins and tools. You will also receive links to programs and webinars on a variety of topics.

You sign up for the WP Wednesday newsletter on the WP Elevation page. You will then be sent the article and other content directly to your inbox.

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  1. WPBeginner


WPBeginner newsletter for beginners to get acquainted with WordPress. Subscribers will find exclusive content delivered to the box every week. It contains tips, tools, and resources to help you learn about WordPress.

In addition, this newsletter will announce new blog content when it is published on WPBeginner. You will learn about starting a website, security, search optimization (SEO) and more.

The registration form for the WPBeginner newsletter is available on the website. It's a great way to learn content with WordPress themes, written exclusively by the editorial team.

  1. WordCamp News


This newsletter revolves around WordCamp conferences. It is a great way to know about popular things near you. In addition, it has WordPress related content, written by people directly involved from everywhere.

WordCamp events have their hands-on workshops, discussions, tutorials and newsletters featuring articles on these. Moreover, it reports on other WordCamp events and events.

To sign up for WordCamp News just visit the website. You will receive periodic news, notifications about upcoming events and posts by WordPress users.

  1. CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter


The CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter has a comprehensive overview of WordPress. The newsletter is published weekly, it is for freelancers, web designers, business owners, developers and people interested in WordPress.

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You will receive updates about the WordPress community, and reviews and comparisons of plugins and themes. Most of the content is exclusive to the newsletter and is not found on the website. Additionally, there are links to valuable WordPress resources. It is a great way to stay informed and develop WordPress knowledge.

To subscribe to the CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter, visit the website.

  1. WordCandy Weekly


WordCandy Weekly is a recent WordPress development newsletter related to core software and WordPress development. It will send new updates and bug fixes. This newsletter is perfect for busy people as it quickly has a summary of the most important news and information. It appears at 9am EST and has no ads, affiliate links or otherwise.

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional, WordPress newsletters help you understand and update everything related to the most popular systems (CMS).

Each newsletter contains news, updates and other content directly into the inbox every week. This is really helpful in this day and age.

Next we will discuss six quality WordPress newsletters and how to subscribe to them. That is:

  • Master WP: For entrepreneurs who need specific information in the industry.
  • WP Wednesday: Targeted to business owners who also want to discover great website content
  • WP beginners: Ideal for those who want to learn about beginner and intermediate WordPress themes.
  • WordCamp News: Great if you want to participate in WordCamp conferences.
  • CodeinWP Weekly Newsletter: A comprehensive overview of everything WordPress, designed for developers.
  • WordCandy Weekly: The core-related news is filtered weekly, without ads.
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Have questions about which newsletters or would like to recommend the ones we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!

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