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6 best URL shortening services to minimize and track links – URL shortening tool to minimize website links, analyze clicks, add UTM tags or help you target properly.

In the article, are six great services for every case. From free to business-focused premium packages, you'll find a great option on this list.

What is the URL shortener?

The URL shortener is an online tool that needs a long, heavy URL and has a shortened URL that takes users to the same location. It helps you track and manipulate those links, with features like click analysis, support for new UTM parameters and goals.

This tool will make URLs shorter, more aesthetically pleasing, and benefit from tracking and retargeting features.

  1. Bitly

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Bitly is a very good URL shortening service

Bitly is a powerful and popular tool for shortening URLs.

The free service shortens links with your Bit.ly domain name, while the premium service uses your own custom domain name.

Bitly has features like retargeting links in the paid version. You follow the individual links and receive relevant analytics on the dashboard. It also measures campaign performance for a specific location.


  • Custom domain connection
  • Analysis panel
  • Smart audience
  • Custom URL
  • Integration with Zapier and TweetDeck
  • Fullfill the needs
  • Cloud storage
  • Re-target the URL


Bitly is a free, basic service. Then, premium packages with custom domain names and more features cost $ 35 per month with monthly bills or $ 29 per month with annual payments.

  1. TinyURL

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TinyURL is the best shortening solution for anonymous use. Unlike Bitly, you can customize the string that appears in the shortened URL.

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For example, you can create https://tinyurl.com/tiblog, instead of something random like https://tinyurl.com/y3xvrfpg.

TinyURL is completely anonymous – no account required. But the downside is that it has no other analytics or other advanced features.


  • Quick navigation
  • Option to customize the shortened URL
  • Use anonymously
  • Easy to use
  1. Owly

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Owly is a shortened service that is part of Hootsuite – a media management media. Ow.ly is a specific feature in Hootsuite that shortens links for use on media sites or elsewhere.

If you are already a Hootsuite user, go to Ow.ly from the Hootsuite dashboard. From there, see the analysis for the shortened URLs.


  • URL performance metrics
  • Link retargeting
  • Short links are trackable
  • Mobile platform supported
  • Rank monitoring
  • Prove social ROI


Ow.ly has both a free and premium Hootsuite package. So when you need to create a Hootsuite account to use it, you don't need to pay.

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  1. Rebrandly

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Rebrandly has advanced URL shortening technology with built-in features. Use it to create custom / brand memorable links. Select this URL shortener for both creating and sharing short links on different sites.

Rebrandly creates separate workspaces and teammates, which makes it the best URL shortener. It has advanced features like support for retargeting links.


  • Create links in bulk
  • UTM specifications
  • API access
  • More than 100 integrated applications
  • Emoticons on short links
  • GDPR compatible
  • The server automatically expands quickly
  • Separate report
  • Optional report
  • Click follow


Rebrandly has a limited free plan that supports 500 links and 5,000 clicks per month. After that, there are various paid plans:

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Starter – $ 29

Professional – $ 69

Premium – $ 499

  1. T2M

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Another option is T2M. You will love the ability to use this shortening solution. To make URL tracking easier, they have two separate control panels. One is for location analysis and the other is for device or platform. It also generates QR codes along with short URLs.

T2M has dedicated versions, so the server response will be 100% reserved for one user. Redirecting to the destination URL will be faster.

Paid plans will create more advanced URLs, such as password-protected URLs and matching URLs. It's a perfect choice for online businesses who want short, flexible URLs.


  • There is no spam policy
  • Personalized short URL
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Domain mapping in one click
  • Create URLs in bulk
  • Unlimited API
  • The URL does not expire
  • Dedicated example
  • QR code generated automatically
  • Import CSV


If you only want basic T2M service, T2M offers a free base rate of $ 5 once. $ 5 just to verify and cut down on spam – there's no ongoing fee.

Then there are four ongoing plans, choosing monthly or yearly payments:

Standard – $ 9.99 per month

Pro – $ 29.99 per month

Premium – $ 89.99 per month

You will also receive three free months if you pay annually.

  1. ClickMeter

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ClickMeter is not a URL shortening tool and many click-through rate optimizers. There are many features that help you create a URL with tons of clicks. ClickMeter is for advertisers and agencies who choose Google AdWords or other ad networks.

It acts as a predisposition for webmasters with a global audience and multiple languages. Besides targeting, you'll integrate with popular systems like WordPress and Shopify. Clickmeter's dashboard has an in-depth analysis report.

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  • Multi-language support
  • Geo targeting
  • URL encoding
  • Create links in bulk
  • Branded tracking links
  • Many API keys
  • Support Google Analytics UTM
  • Target based on device
  • Link copy


ClickMeter has three insurance packages, all of which offer a 30-day money-back guarantee:

Average – $ 29 per month

Great – $ 99 per month

X-Large – $ 349 per month

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Use the URL shortening service to create cleaner, friendlier URLs that analyze how those URLs work.

Choose the best URL shortening tool for your website. Here is an outline to find the ideal URL solution:

Bitly – Great for freelancers, small and medium businesses (free version only).

TinyURL – A simple free tool with custom links.

Ow.ly – Popular among Hootsuite users.

Rebrandly – Lets you use a free custom domain name.

T2M – Get a short URL plus a QR code.

ClickMeter – Advertiser perfect URL solution

Do you have a question about how to choose the best URL shortening service for your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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