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Blocking ads on the Android operating system is essential for many mobile device users today, because of the hassle of pop-up ads appearing anytime anywhere.

Fortunately, we still have measures to overcome this problem. If you are interested in tracking the following article content offline.

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Method # 1. Set up ads on Android phones

While it is not possible to block all ads on Android phones in this way, you can limit the ads on your device without having to install any additional software. Specifically how to do the following.

+ Step 1: First you enter Cài đặt trên màn hình điện thoại => then find and click the item Google as shown below.

Android-Android-TV (1)

+ Step 2: In the next screen interface appears, select the item named Quảng cáo => then enable the feature Tắt Cá nhân hóa quảng cáo (as shown below).

Android-Android-TV (2)

At this time, the system will display a request to confirm activation of this feature, click OK to agree.

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Android-high-tech (3)

+ Step 3: Next, click the item Đặt lại mật mã nhận dạng cho Quảng cáo in the next interface to delete all advertising data as shown below.

Android-Android-TV (4)

Method # 2. Use ad blocking software on Android

A more convenient way if you want to remove ads on Android, is to use ad blocking software. You can refer to some of the following ad blocking tools on the phone.

2.1. Use ad blocking tools AdGuard (No need Root)

AdGuard is utility block ads on Android Effective for the types of ads generated from the application. AdGuard works in the background and will filter web access data from the device. How to use AdGuard is as follows:

+ Step 1: First you need to download the AdGuard application here.

+ Step 2: Proceed to install the file Apk of the recently downloaded application.

Android-Android-TV (5)

+ Step 3: After successful installation, open the AdGuard application.

+ Step 4: Click on it Tiếp tục to allow the initial installation of the application.

Android-TV-maker (6)

Continue to follow the installation instructions of the software.

+ Step 5: Finally, activate Software Protection to prevent ads from appearing in applications and tracking software.

Android-Android-TV (7)

2.2. Ad blocking software AdAway (requires root)

Adaway is no longer appearing on Google Play due to a violation of some of Google's regulations. If your Android phone has been Rooted, you can download and install Adaway software here

Android-Android-TV (1)

After installing the software successfully, click Download files and apple ad blocking to allow file downloads and apply ad blocking. Finally, reboot the phone to activate block ads on Android.

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From now on, almost all ads on your phone will be removed.

2.3. Adblocker Plus ad blocking utility (without root)

Adblocker Plus phone ad blocker is probably too familiar to many mobile and computer users, this is an application that can work on both rooted and unrooted phones.

Adblocker Plus works by hiding and filtering data to access the Internet, thereby blocking the majority of ads from appearing.

Interested users can find out more information and download the Adblocker Plus application at Or you can download the Adblocker Plus application for Android or for iOS Please.

2.4. Block This ad blocker (without root)

Block This is software block ads on Android Open source and completely free.

Unlike other ad blocking software, Block This uses DNS addresses to block ads instead of filters. This method helps save more battery power, according to the developer.

To download this utility, you can visit its homepage here:

# 3. Conclude

Above are the measures block ads on Android I would like to introduce to you.

Hopefully, the information you provide in this article will help you avoid the hassle of unwanted advertising templates. Besides, if you have a better solution, please share by commenting below.

Good luck !

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