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You know, when we reach a certain age, we will have to leave the most familiar things and start embarking on an exciting and challenging journey, which is LIFE INDEPENDENT.

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For many people, managing all sorts of things in this chaotic life is quite difficult. But everyone must grow up. We cannot forever desire for a small time.

And if you are in the early stages of getting used to life, let's take a look at a few important things before starting a truly independent life!

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#first. You Will Be Lonely

The first thing you need to face and overcome is loneliness. It is indispensable, because living independently means that your environment completely changes – with new emotions, besides strangers.

Your loved ones will no longer be around and remind you what to do. Everything from simple to complex you have to solve yourself.

the old-school-needed-to-know-the-first-order-of-life-(-1)

So most likely, over a long period of time you will feel that you are really alone. Nobody seems to care what you are suffering with and how hard things are, nobody is!

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And as I said, this is not unusual. You are not the only one who feels lonely, but a lot of people once thought that they were alone. After all, this is a pretty interesting experience, because this state will not last long!

You will soon catch up with the flow of your new life and be ready for the good. So, never think about giving up when you feel that you are very lonely!

#2. The Difficulties Won't Stop Going On

Other than the time being surrounded by family, when starting a new life, one thing is for sure, you will face countless obstacles.

Due to being independent in all aspects, everything seems to be becoming more difficult. You will have to weigh what you eat today, consider what you should buy or struggle to pay your monthly bill. In general, the big and small problems will come together at the same time and make you crazy :))

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However, as I emphasized from many previous posts: Difficulties are an integral part of this life. You can't change or avoid, all you can do is look at them and walk through them forcefully.

Everything has a solution, do not let difficulties obscure your will and determination. Keep up the optimism and keep moving forward!

# 3. Lost Entertainment Opportunities

Independent life is a time when you are initially aware of what you are pursuing and fighting for.

In this challenging and difficult period, it is inevitable that we will have to choose to sacrifice a few interesting pleasures. The times the chat, the party will be sparse, instead of a busy schedule.

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Surely I will regret it, everyone is the same! But then at some point you will realize that the choices you made in exchange for that day were well worth it.

The last night games don't solve anything, they are just a temporary fun and make you forget the bitter sorrow for a moment!

Therefore, do not attach much importance to entertainment during this time. Remember that while other people are immersed in fun, you can take advantage of them and do lots of meaningful things!

# 4. You May Lose Some Relationships

In parallel with accepting to give up temporary pleasures, you will likely lose some relationships. Perhaps this is the most difficult part of living independently so we will have to learn to get used to it.

First-hand experience of loss is never easy. But you have to understand that asking for similarities in perspective and lifestyle is impossible.

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When the conflict is growing, sometimes we have to accept letting go. You know, the choice to stop is also a step forward. Because it would be tiring if both had to continue their inherent disagreements.

So don't try to cling to unsustainable relationships. There are a few people who die, not leaving, but merely making us realize something!

# 5. You Will Be Eliminated If You Stop Trying

Life will always go on, even without you – it continues to hustle as usual. Living in a world that is constantly changing day by day, you will become useless if you do not try to control your life.

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If one day you feel tired and want to give in, remember that so many people are constantly trying. This life is nothing more than a endurance test – a marathon that runs for decades.

In that competition, someone is more resilient and more persistent – he wins. Therefore, giving up also means that you lose your chance of winning. Perfecting and cultivating yourself is what you need to do and must do right now so you won't be knocked down by the long journey ahead.

Do not give up!

### Epilogue

Hopefully this article can partly answer your concerns about independent living. Do not forget to leave personal comments for us to discuss offline!

Good luck !

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