5 tech geeks in the crypto space that you should follow in 2022

Technology is evolving at an amazing rate, not only is it constantly being improved with new innovative solutions, but entrepreneurs and technology companies are also constantly changing the way technologies are used. now available.

This is especially true over the past few decades, fueled by the advent and success of the Internet, which has created new opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and has been a key factor in their success. Today, about 60% of the global population has access to the Internet and almost everything is connected to the network in some way.

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However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more exciting opportunities left. Especially considering the current developments in the blockchain technology space, which have had a huge impact on society and it is still a stub. The world of technology is fascinating and there are so many great tech entrepreneurs to follow.

Here are some of the top featured tech entrepreneurs and influencers worth following in 2022.

# 1. Nikita Brudnov

CEO at BR GROUP, a comprehensive platform that produces services and models that support increased connectivity between new crypto projects and an exponential growing community, Nikita Brudnov is an entrepreneur experienced with a proven track record.

Brudnov is an innovative technologist with 10 years of experience in blockchain technology, including 6 years as a sales manager and 4 years as an active crypto specialist.

Tech Entrepreneurs and Influencers Should Watch in 2022

Nikita Brudnov (left)

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Brudnov has collaborated with more than 650 companies and projects, and he understands how to meet the needs – narrowing the gap with the target audience – of these companies and projects. He was shortlisted for the 10 CIS Entrepreneurs List, updated and published by Hackernoon.

# 2. Kevin Rose

The creator of Digg, the social media platform that allows users to share and discuss news topics, Kevin Rose is one of the top tech entrepreneurs to follow this year.

Tech Entrepreneurs and Influencers Should Watch in 2022

Rose is also the co-founder of Revision3, an online TV network that creates and recommends programs based on user interests, and has many years of experience in the technology field.

#3. Brian Armstrong

In the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has attracted a lot of attention from the community, especially the flow of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Coinbase CEO, the largest US exchange, Brian Armstrong has cemented his status as one of the most influential people in the industry.

Tech Entrepreneurs and Influencers Should Watch in 2022

With development experience at IBM and mentoring at Deloitte, Armstrong has a solid understanding of the crypto space and regularly shares this information with his followers on all active social media sites. . Bridging the gap between people and crypto through Coinbase, Armstrong is the ideal tech entrepreneur to have on your timeline.

#4. Justin Sun

Founder and CEO of TRON, a cryptocurrency platform at the forefront of the crypto industry’s battle to reduce transfer fees, Justin Sun is currently one of the brightest and most followed CEOs in the world. technology space.

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Tech Entrepreneurs and Influencers Should Watch in 2022

Sharing unrivaled, unbiased and unique perspectives on the trillion dollar crypto market, and fan interactions make Justin Sun one of the jewels in the tech space and electronic money.

# 5. Vitalik Buterin

The creator of the leading decentralized application platform Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is a leading technology expert with many years of experience in the field. Having worked for many famous brands in the tech space, Buterin is trying to revolutionize the industry through the Ethereum platform.

Tech Entrepreneurs and Influencers Should Watch in 2022

With his extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency space and technology, Vitalik Buterin has continuously shared valuable information with his millions of followers. He is an ideal technology expert that you cannot ignore.

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