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5 following common situations make it difficult for many media workers when implementing communication campaigns. To create an effective campaign, the understanding is the most important factor to create the teamwork in the relationship between the three: The consulting firm PR (public relations), PR with brands as well as the media.

Interview failure

Situation: A reporter interviewed business owners, but this article is really a disaster because you can not give a good answer in the interview. Companies and PR department should control the content interviews in certain limited even interview seems very successful.
5 tình huống gây khó cho dân PR
Few journalists have the ability to maintain good external view before their preconceptions about a company or an individual. Therefore, it is vitally important that the interviewees have to grasp the main content and get prepared before contact with reporters.
Characters are interviewed should prepare a summary of the issues to be exchanged for notes of things to mention, note, experience from previous interviews. Table notes also help character has always focused on the problem, avoid rambling answer or entrained reporter’s questions.
The reporter and the newspaper will not change anything after the publication was published. Just request corrections in case of serious errors, false information affected the reputation of the business.
Reacted only worsen relations with the media now. Mark Twain once said: “I do not care what the press says about you, as long as they spell my name correctly.”

Information disadvantage

Situation: A newspaper published the extremely adverse information against campaigns launched new products, marketing campaigns of businesses.
PR practitioners need to make sure that all the facts and information gathered before working full reporters to assure reporters understand the situation.Especially when you need to defend or speak about other issues involving marginalized brand.
If the reporter does not focus properly exploited topic you want to say, it is best not to respond and just send a short message via email to reporters receive appropriate information.
Back preparation, PR professionals need to pose the questions: Where did the reporter have that information? Who will benefit from this information? Do you know the reporter will contact third parties to exploit the information? You can achieve anything from third parties? How many of them will agree to help you?
Your goal is the same as the reporter, is holding as much information as possible and to a certain time, you will need this information to entice the support of third parties.

Staff fatal

Circumstance: Employees log into Twitter accounts, Facebook, use of company email and distributing inappropriate information.
This situation occurs very popular and the first to do is fix the damage by sending a letter of apology to the customers affected. Besides, guide customers to overcome the damage and explain clearly the situation has occurred. Finally, internal handling incidents with staff.
Part of controlling the damage is separated leaders from the company related to this disastrous event, while minimizing the spread of news


Situation: Corporate leaders have a speech slip, accidentally published a commentary sensitive personal blog, Twitter or Facebook.
However, a sincere apology will neutralize all the rage.
Maybe your spokesman was accidental and you think sorry is not necessary.In this case, there are ways to relieve stress without directly saying the words “sorry”. For example: “We are very sorry that our speech affects you.”
If you know that you made a mistake, make efforts to do everything possible to correct and remedy the consequences as soon as possible. If you accidentally make a negative comment and need to apologize, then use every means to apologize publicly and sincerely, not only with those who are affected. An apology can keep you away from the anger of the people affected and the trouble with the law.

Information Leakage

Situation: Someone leaked your corporate information to reporters. The information should not have been publicly posted this frantic over the mass media. Although not illegal but this information no less threatening to the company’s reputation.
Stories like this happen very often and you do not have to pretend not to know these things. Ultimately, the goal of communication is the transparency of information to the public. Therefore, it’s best to proactively disclose information before the paper catch. On the other hand, you can proactively take action if the newspaper published the incorrect information laws.
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