Are you looking for visitors to use the search feature in WordPress? The best WordPress search plugins can help you do this. By default, WordPress has a search feature available, but it’s quite simple and limited. In this article, we will introduce 5 best search plugins 2019 you can trust.

We all use search engines daily, it has become so familiar that little attention is given to what it is. If you type a keyword, you will get results – extremely simple! But when working on a website, it’s not that simple. So you need the support of a plugin that is both powerful and easy to use.

Take a look at our list.

The best WordPress search plugins

1. Relevanssi

search wordpress relevanssi plugin

Relevanssi replaces WordPress’s default search engine with a better search system. It is used most of the wordpress search plugins, and is used by more than 100,000 people. This WordPress search plugin ranks results by relevance, instead of days. That is, visitors will receive content that matches keywords and other search information.

Visitors can also filter advanced to adjust results according to demand. They can search through tags, categories, custom fields, even comments. And when you find the result, it will highlight the searched words.

Relevanssi helps manage keywords well – it lets you store these queries. This feature is intended to help you choose the most popular keywords and the latest words without results. It will also help you rank article priorities and taxonomy to customize content that matches your search needs.

You can use Relevanssi for free. To use more advanced features, you need to purchase a premium package. It has 2 options, $ 99 for each year and $ 299 for permanent licenses.

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2. Swiftype

search wordpress swiftype plugin

Swiftype is the WordPress search plugin that is being used by more than 2000 people. This plugin is good for websites with large traffic. It outputs extremely fast and handles on its own server. So you don’t have to manage thousands of content templates, this plugin will help you do that.

Swiftype helps your visitors improve their search results based on title, tag and author name. We can adjust keywords, add attributes such as location, date, price, or content. To increase interaction with customers, Swiftype also creates pop up content or product promotion pages as they navigate.

This WordPress search plugin runs advanced search algorithms to help rank results intelligently, you can also customize your rankings right in Swiftype dashboard. Search results will automatically update when the content changes.

You have many other useful administrative features. Swiftype provides detailed information and insight of customers when they manipulate search on your site. You can set up content, improve the search experience.

Plugin has 14 days of trial. Then the monthly price is 79 USD / month You can have a trial for 14-days. Afterward, the standard plan costs $ 79 / mo.

3. SearchWP

search wordpress plugin searchwp

SearchWP is a WordPress premium search plugin that indexes your media library, visitors can search for PDF, Office files, and other content on the website. By guessing keywords, it ensures visitors can find relevant results.

SearchWP is a kind of “find all” plugin. Visitors can find metadata, taxonimies, custom fields and post type, content, yes yes. It can also integrate with e-commerce to help customers find products based on product descriptions or reviews.

This WordPress search plugin supports search and insigh search statistics, shows what information users are searching for and what they find, nothing is found. You can improve future content and products based on that data. It has its own custom search algorithm, an intuitive interface, and a sorting system so that search results appear in the desired order.

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You can subscribe to the SearchWP standard package for $ 99 a year.

4. Ivory Search

search wordpress ivory plugin search

Ivory Search is a search plugin WordPress with free version and fee description. As of today, it costs 10,000 users.

This plugin not only strengthens the default search feature, but also helps create search patterns. You can put the search form anywhere on the site, depending on the theme you use, highlight the search word on the results page.

For management, Ivory Search gives you many administration features. In addition to the main content such as articles, websites, product stores, attachements, forum or any other custom post. It supports sample search, so you can try Ivory Search on the live page before officially publishing.

Ivory Search’s original basic package is free. If you want to buy a premium package, you will have 2 options. The Pro package starts at $ 19.99 a year, and the one-time permanent package is $ 99.99 .

5. Ajax Search for WooCommerce

Search plugin for WordPress Ajax Search

If you have an online store, you should use Ajax Search for WooCommerce. This search plugin for WordPress is free, but still has quite professional features such as paid plugins. This plugin runs AJAX script , which means it will display the result immediately when the customer enters the keyword into the input box. This feature simplifies the user’s search experience.

With Ajax Search, you can search by product title, description, product information, or SKU. It displays the product image, price, and short description next to the add button to the cart. Very convenient right?

As an admin, you can limit the number of display search results, place labels, images, or tones. Finally, it is fully compatible with WordPress multilingual plugin (multilingual)

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Editor’s selection

We have given you a list of the best WordPress search plugins, besides its features and pricing. We know that choosing the most suitable plugin can be difficult. If you believe, then we will choose Relevanssi.

It is popular among WordPress users and supports strong availability even if you only use the free version. You will still get the most important function of supporting WordPress search more effectively. Unless website has a high traffic volume and the website is entirely reserved for e-commerce site, Relevanssi will be an effective assistant for you.


We know that the default WordPress search is not very strong, and you should replace it with a better solution. Good WordPress search plugins will be able to improve the user experience, help them find the content they want and be more satisfied when browsing your website.

Finally, we hope this article helps you in finding WordPress search plugins to power your website, wish you success! See you at the next post!

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Are you looking for visitors to use the search feature in WordPress? The best WordPress search plugins can help you do this. By default, WordPres

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