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It can be said that smartphones are one of the technology products with the biggest changes over the years.

From changing design styles to chip manufacturing technology, screen production, batteries, … almost all smartphone manufacturers invest a lot in its phone segment.

Because certainly in the next few years, the smartphone is even more important, it is not just a phone like before. But users can also do a lot of work, from learning, entertainment to working on their own smartphone.

Therefore, smartphones are really a very fertile land that any smartphone company craves and cannot be ignored.

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I. How are smartphones changing?

Okay, now we will take a look at 5 of the most noticeable changes over the years of the Smartphone.

#first. About Camera


The front camera has been put on the smartphone and considered as one of the indispensable parts on the phone, it has a selfie function and supports video calling … you can easily see who is talking to. through the phone screen. Through repeated changes, the front camera has become more and more improved in quality.

And the rear camera is seen as the main part of a phone, photos are getting more and more depth, higher definition, better font removal, support wide-angle camera, recording movies with extremely 4K quality. high solution….

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The change of the rear camera is increasingly strong, its pixel count is also increasing from 2 pixels, so far there are upcoming phones with more than 100 pixels camera. What a terrible number.

The number of smartphone cameras is also increasing, the smartphone with the most cameras on the market today has 4 cameras.

#2. Screen


Screen technology is also getting more and more sharp, smoother, full of borders to create an infinity feel, manufacturers launch thin chin phones, waterdrop screens like V, U, … ear screens iPhone rabbit, Oppo recently launched a 100% full-screen phone with a bulky camera, shark fin camera …

Even some folding screen phones are also being sold for extremely expensive price. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

Samsung Galaxy A80 model with rotating camera, making the screen 100% full. In general manufacturers are trying to change to meet customer needs.

# 3. Connection technology

The revolution in 3G, 4G or, most recently, 5G technology is one of the important changes.


As I said above, today people use phones not only for the purpose of listening to calls but also as a means to entertain and work. Should require the phone must have a strong Internet connection to meet the needs of users.

# 4. The battery

This is one of the issues that many people are most interested in when buying a phone, when buying a phone, consumers often find out about the battery capacity of the phone they are interested in.


Therefore, the battery capacity is also increasing day by day, many phones have quite a large battery capacity, about 5000mAh. But this number in the future will have many changes with higher capacity than currently.

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To be honest, when it comes to battery capacity, people only look and judge through the external numbers announced by the manufacturer. Whether or not the battery is drained, when we use it, we will know it, because the same user has said that the battery is drained and the device is hot, but some users are ok.

Whether or not the battery is drained depends on the user, the software installed, and how the battery is charged.

# 5. Memory capacity (RAM & ROM)

This is also one of the quick improvements of the phone manufacturers, they are constantly improving memory with more and more capacity.


Specifically, the amount of RAM (temporary memory) and ROM (memory storage) of the machine is increasing by each version.

With a compact phone but its memory can be up to 1 TB (about 1000 GB) can say that it is larger than the capacity of a normal laptop.

But this is really essential, especially for flagsip phones. When every 2k or 4k video is very heavy.

II. Conclude

Yes ! With the changes in design, camera, screen, connectivity technology (3G 4G 5G), battery and internal memory capacity of the device, smartphone manufacturers have created extremely amazing phones for his customers.

In the future, it is certain that manufacturers will have many more new improvements, and make the smartphone even more complete.

Manufacturers are working on creating models with pre-hidden carmera under the screen. The 5G network has been put into practice making the data transmission quality many times faster than it is now. Let's wait for new changes from smartphone manufacturers in 2020.

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Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Good luck !

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