Today, we will introduce some WordPress wiki plugins for your website and how to use them!

A wiki is where you place explanatory information such as in articles, documents or areas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

You can install the wiki on WordPress website by using a plugin or using a wiki theme. In this article, we only talk about using the plugin. Most wiki themes will be more complicated to install and suitable for a more specific website.

Plugins will create a wiki page that integrates seamlessly into the main website. So it is easier to install!

Top 5 WordPress Wiki Plugins

Very Simple Knowledge Base

This WordPress wiki plugin provides the same product as its name – a simple way for you to create knowledge base articles.

từpress plugin wiki được xác thực một giá trị nào

Very Simple Knowledge Base uses shortcodes to create wiki pages. Shortcode is available in the official WordPress plugin page. After installing the WordPress wiki plugin, just copy the shortcode and paste it into the website.

Specific shortcode can adjust the look of the wiki page. Have code for columns, display custom posts, and set up interfaces.

By not using the settings page but using shortcode, this plugin helps the website run fast. But without hesitation, you can still edit the page configuration in Appearance -> Widget . The widget attribute where you want to edit the link wiki will appear.

Yada Wiki

plugin wiki yada wiki

Yada Wiki creates a wiki page on your Dashboard. You can edit and install the website in the same management location. This system also supports creating a wiki page first and then adding the following content.

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Using the same shortcode as the previous plugin of the WordPress wiki, the Yada Wiki ensures that the website loads quickly. Instead of asking you to remember the code, it creates a wiki control button in the classic WordPress version. Whoever uses Gutenberg will not have this feature.

For interface configuration, Yada Wiki can display content based on post type , custom tag, and categories. To make the page more professional, it can create indexes and index tables.

Wiki Embed RDP

plugin wordpress wiki rdp wiki

Wiki Embed RDP helps attach external wiki sites to your website. This WordPress wiki plugins the interface of these sites. You can choose to create a wiki menu, edit a link, and display an infoboxes box.

This plugin is also useful for blogging for comments. Blogger can display relevant information without causing the reader to leave the page. It also works well for those who want to present their external product catalog.

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

knowledge base for documents and faq wordpress wiki plugin

This WordPress wiki plugin makes your website professional. Without code, you can customize the design by dragging and adding buttons from the Knowledge Base section.

The free version of this plugin is closed with 2 interfaces (Basic and Tab layout), 16 colors with preset theme, 2 built-in layouts, and 3 classification levels. With this version, you can also build a professional wiki website.

But if you need more features, you can buy bundle packages with add-ons. With Basic bundle package (30 USD / year) you can use link editor and widget. The Professional bundle package costs $ 96 a year, you will use the link editor, widgets, various knowledge bases, advanced search, and sophisticated interface (adding 2 layouts, 8 layout presets and 50 specialized icons). career with grid layout).

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Best Knowledge Base Software for WordPress

wordpress wiki plugin best knowledge base software for wordpress

The WordPress wiki plugin is very intuitive and easy to use to create a KB page (Knowledge Base). The collapsible panel gives you a short snippet containing essential information. It works well for websites with FAQs (frequently asked questions) and comments and reviews.

This plugin also supports users to evaluate information. The rating will help customers know what information is relevant. These reviews will be very helpful when you want to improve the website.

After installing the plugin, go to the section Panel, to create a new wiki. Set up filtering and sorting information by drag and drop. To emphasize some information, use colors and mark partitions in wikis. There are at least 5 different types: Default, Primary, Success, Info, Danger, and Warning.


The Knowledge Base page should be viewed in. They not only create more traffic for your site but also make the operation and customer experience smoother. No more answering questions asked by customers! You can save on customer care costs when creating your own wiki page!

This article shows you how to create a wiki with just a few clicks. WordPress wiki plugins all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but looking at them is easy to use. Try the experience

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