Do you know more than 70% of website visitors can never come back? To solve this problem, there have been many methods implemented. One of them is to use WordPress popup plugin – a simple solution.

WordPress popup plugin will display a form / window on the website when visitors browse the web. Many people believe that popup forms are unattractive or disrupt user experience. The reality is the opposite.

A good popup will make visitors attracted and you can quickly give the message they really care about.

In this article, we will introduce 5 best WordPress popup plugins to help you better interact with customers and increase conversion rates.

Popups Ads – A way to connect users

This is the simplest way to explain it – a popup is a way to connect with users. You can use the popup to turn visitors into subscriber emails by promising to send more compelling resources, and make them feel they will get some exclusive resources.

You can also use it to provide new discount codes, products or services, member-only access, yes yes.

Popup will increase access. For example, when you have multiple subscriber emails, you can take advantage of email marketing to increase brand recognition. You also have the opportunity to approach 70% of hits that are about to leave, making them come back to your brand.

We already know the popup can do. So for popup to be considered a good popup, it must take a good role to connect with visitors, attractive but not disrupt the surfing experience. Knowing those key points, take a look at the best WordPress popup plugins below.

Best Popup WordPress plugin

1. Popup Maker

WordPress popup maker plugin

Popup Maker is an intuitive free WordPress popup plugin. It is one of the most popular plugins, having more than 300,000 active users.

Even with the free mode, it is very versatile and functional. You can create any type of popup, modal window or content overlay on your website.

In the popup configuration, you can control its size, position, and effects. You can also edit different types of overlay, like slide out, banner bars, floating stickers, yes yes.

It also has a special system to install multiple triggers (popup triggers) for each popup. You can set the popup to automatically open after a certain period of time, or click triggers when visitors click on certain good HTML elements will make the popup appear.

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Also, you can adjust cookies to control how often visitors will see the popup again. It is installed with submission form – well integrated with Ninja Form, Gravity Form or Contact Form 7. Or manually installed via its JavaScripts API.

There is a collection of preset poup themes for you to choose from. With the WYSIWYG editor, you can design your own theme and see changes as soon as you customize.

However, the free version does not have the intended trigger system and page scroll trigger. You cannot add backgrounds and overlay colors, AJAX login and age authentication, target advanced objects and popup analytics.

If you need to add these features, you will need to purchase the extension Popup Maker bundle for $ 16per month

2. OptinMonster

popup plugin optinmonster

Popups by OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation plugins on the market and is used by over 800,000 people.

OptinMonster is the leader in popularizing popups, turning it into an effective marketing tool and introducing technology people to anticipate the intention to exit the site. This technology is called an exit-intent to detect visitor behavior and activate the popup at that critical moment to keep them.

Using intelligent behavioral monitoring technology, you can convert visitors to email subscribers. This technology is useful for ecommerce – it reduces the number of shopping cart exits and increases the successful purchase rate.

MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins helps you convert from any image and link to a campaign. Every time a visitor clicks on it, it will show a popup to ask the user to subscribe or buy a new product.

You can also create individual campaigns with the OptinMonster location system. Moreover, it works well with ecommerce stores and content publishers. This feature helps visitors stay longer on the website, because they will see content similar to their search intent.

Drag and drop popup builder and over 26 attention-grabbing effects is another powerful feature of this WordPress popup plugin. With it, you can create attractive popups or choose ready-made templates.

You can also add personal messages, create campaigns in multiple steps, and more importantly, create responsive mobile popup.

With this plguin WordPress popup, you will be able to automate real-time behavior control, conversion, and google analytics. It will help you analyze and support customizations for future campaigns. Moreover, you are also supported to implement A / B testing, to check which method offers the best conversion efficiency.

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To get all of these features, you need to buy pro packages that cost $ 29 / month to pay each year.

3. Popup Builder

plugin wordpress popup popup builder

Popup Builder is a free WordPrses popup plugin.

With the free version, you can create images, HTML, Facebook, and subscription form popup. You can set rules, popup events, design and add effects to your campaign.

If you need more features, you can buy Popup Builder extensions. You can set the popup targeting, based on the visitor’s location, based on the device and operating status.

This WordPress popup plugin also has an extension to expand interaction with customers. You can add Google Maps, weather forecast, and other digital information.

Popup Builder also integrates well with other marketing solutions like MailChimp, AWeber, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms. It also has WooCommerce popup extension so you can offer incentives that match your customers’ intentions based on their actions.

Finally, it has an extension to analyze statistics for customer data, analyze behavior and improve future popup campaigns. If you find it useful, this plugin has a license price of $ 49.95 a year.

4. Popup by Supsystic

Wordpress popup popup plugin by supsystic

Popup by Supsystic is a WordPress pop up plugin with free and paid versions.

With the free version, you can use the template pop up as well as design your own.

The plugin also has an Onclick feature, to deploy a popup when visitors click on a specified location on the site.

You will also be able to integrate contact forms and subscription popup. Moreover, you can export subscriber information too.

For more features, you need to buy pro license. With it, you get up to 69 pre-designed templates, and event triggers such as page scrolling, at the bottom of the page, and popup appear when the user intends to exit the page.

You will also have different subscription options, like Facebook, optin and social locks, the premium email subscription service, yes yes. And it also has a close-only feature, forcing customers to subscribe, share or like campaigns.

Supsystic also allows you to choose a popup type. You can create iFrame, PDF, age authentication, full screen, Google Maps, and popup in notification bar.

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Finally, the A / B test feature supports 2 popup versions for the same campaign to test which conversion ratios are better for any popup. Combining with real-time statistics, you will be able to optimize your conversion rate even further. This tool will help you personalize each popup for users.

Popup by Supsystic pro certificate for a site costs $ 29 a year.

5. ARI Fancy Lightbox

Wordpress popup plugin ari fancy popup

ARI Fancy Lightbox can be said to be a mobile-friendly WordPress popup plugin.

It supports touch touch features: 2 tap, pinch-in / out, and horizontal swipe. The strength of this plugin, and different from the pop up plugins in WordPress, is that it supports within 24 hours for free users.

This plugin uses Mac lightbox, floating on your website. You can preview images from WordPress, NextGEN, FooGallery, Justified Image Grid, Jetpack galleries, and even product images of WooCommerce. To avoid copying the URL, it has the ability to disable the right mouse button.

You can show videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion and Metacafe services in lightbox. Not only that, it also shows PDF files for viewers, web pages, inline content (shortcode support), and Google Maps links.

To use advanced features like comments from Facebook, social sharing, automatic popup opening, and deeplinking – create your own links for each product in lightbox – you need to upgrade to the premium package.

ARI Fancy Lightbox license is priced at $ 9 and the developer package is $ 19 .


Popups can help ensure interaction with customers. WordPress popup plugins in this article will help you create a popup as you like. Not only that, it also helps you create popup campaigns to achieve the best conversion rate possible. Creating a popup is not as difficult as you think, whereas it is simple and fun when you can quickly reach your audience.

Depending on the budget, you can choose WordPress popup plugin from free to paid.

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Do you know more than 70% of website visitors can never come back? To solve this problem, there have been many methods implemented. One of them i

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