Making money from content is not a new industry. Thanks to the power of the internet, people today can easily create member websites . In this article, we will share with you 5 best WordPress membership registration plugins. The strengths and weaknesses and features you may need of a membership site.

Advantages of creating membership sites

Whether you are a content creator or providing products or services, if there is a member website, it will be very useful. A lot of business has been online today, if you don’t follow it, you’ve missed an important channel for others to approach.

Examples are online courses, for example . Not only is a business growing, but also a system that helps teachers share their knowledge with people around them. Thanks to the member website, they increased their followers’ loyalty and began to profit from their left-hand work.

By having a stable fan base, the reliability level will be increased. For example, you are running a food blog and are writing books about recipes. People will see you as an expert in this area when they see your blog

Which platform do you want to use for membership sites?

To help people and get follower you need to create a website first. If you want to add membership features, WordPress is the perfect choice. You will quickly find a WordPress membership registration plugin to turn it into a site membership.

Features any membership you need

Many WordPress membership registration plugins have a lot of interesting features. Do you know what features you need? To avoid trouble, we’ve listed a few key features for a WordPress membership plugin.

  • Membership level
    Most websites have the function to divide membership levels into free or paid users, but you may need more levels. This is especially important for different packages for online courses. This feature can also be used to control what free users can do.
  • Content limit
    If you want to restrict users to access certain content, you need this feature. Most plugins have it, but you should consider how much you want to control. This means that instead of publishing the entire content, you publish each part as planned. You may need this feature.
  • Integrated
    WordPress plugins can often integrate other services. A common feature is email marketing and payment. But these features may not be necessary for you at this time. Therefore, you need to select the plugin with the appropriate features first.
  • Promotional
    codes Using promotion codes can increase conversion rates. Different plugins will have different discounts – such as a percentage or a specific discount. You can choose a plugin that allows you to use discount codes for each bill or discount code for a given product.
  • Features export / import (data export / import)
    This may be the main reason you need to use certain plugins. Sometimes you will need a plugin that can export data to store or import into certain systems
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Top WordPress membership registration plugins

Now that you know what you need, this is a free and paid list of WordPress (membership site) membership registration plugins.

1. Restrict Content Pro

Retrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is the best plugin for creating WordPress membership sites. The developer of this plugin also created Easy Digital Downloads , another popular WordPress plugin for selling content. Restrict Content Pro is famous for its simplicity. The free version of Restrict Content is available on the official WordPress library here .

As for Restrict Content Pro, you can create unlimited membership levels. It also allows creation of a trial period, creating different fees. If you charge $ 30 USD a month, you can create an annual fee of 200 USD.

Restrict Content Pro can also help users to change membership registration without canceling the current package. It will adjust the price immediately.

Many payment gateways can be integrated into this plugin, including WooCommerce, PayPal, and Braintree. For promotion, you can create a discount coupon with a specific amount or percentage.

Content Restrict Pro has four packages: personal, plus, professional and ultimate. The personal package and plus only have 12 free add-ons, and the professional and ultimate packages have 17 add-ons worth up to 1020 USD. Free add-ons are simple, such as managing download monitoring and enforcing strong passwords. If you choose premium addons, you will have professional services such as email marketing, math certification when registering to avoid virtual registration, and set an expiration date for each member.

You can only use personal package for a website, other packages will support 5 websites. Professional and Ultimate packages will be available for all websites.

2. LearnDash

Learn Dash

According to its name, LearnDash is a WordPress membership plugin for selling online courses. Some of the top US schools use LearnDash as their online content management system. University of Florida and Michigan is one of them.

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Besides the features that a membership plugin usually has, LearnDash has the main features of an online platform. Designing online courses is much easier with drag and drop builders. You can also create multiple choice test questions. You just need to fill in the information, LearnDash will create an automated test for you.

To support interaction between members, LearnDash also allows creating individual user pages. These profiles not only contain user statistics but also create an effective channel for communication between study groups.

The feature of dropping content content is also another advantage of this plugin, not many plugins have this feature. Instead of opening the content for a certain day, it cuts the length of the content and only displays the full content after the user registers.

Plugin is very flexible in supporting money. By default, you can create a one-time payment or pay the subscription form, for many good courses for each course. You can decide which payment gateways should be used.

The price of LearnDash depends on your license number (licenses). The basic package for a site costs $ 199. The higher-end package costs $ 229 for 10 websites, the pro package has 25 licenses for $ 369.

3. s2Member

wordpress s2Member member registration plugin

S2Member is the membersip WordPress plugin with a free and paid package. With the free package, the features will be more limited but still worth the try.

In addition to limiting articles and websites, s2Member also helps you limit the type of article and limit each section of the article. Free packages also have easy email campaign management tools and create compelling email for readers.

However, the free package of s2Member only has 4 membership levels. It does not support features that provide drip content and discount codes. Payment options are only PayPal, while the premium version has Stripe, Authorize.Net, and ClickBank.

s2Member only has 2 premium packages. The first package for a website costs $ 89. More expensive packages cost $ 189, and can be used for many websites. However, you only need to pay once.

4. MemberPress

Plugin registered WordPress member memberpress

MemberPress is a great WordPress membership registration plugin. It has many features similar to the above plugins.

As for content restrictions, this plugin can limit one or more posts or websites. MemberPress can also limit a small part of the article or category. You also have the rights to manage users’ downloads.

If you want to create multiple membership levels with different rates, MemberPress is for you. Besides, you can be more creative by grouping membership levels to encourage upgrades.

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Last but not least, you can integrate MemberPress with LearnDash. That means you will have a combination of WordPress membership registration plugins and the best online course builder app!

There are 3 packages you can choose from: basic, plus, and pro. You can use basic package for 1 website, it has 10 add-on, the price is 258 USD. The Plus package sells for $ 498, allowing you to integrate into 5 sites, the Pro package costs $ 698 and you can use up to 25 websites. This price is the annual price.

5. MemberMouse

plugin registered wordpress membermouse member

MemberMouse may be similar to the reminded WordPress membership registration plugins, but it also has its own premium features. In addition to being able to create unlimited membership levels, you can sell pages and articles individually. This plugin also has preview mode for users who want to test the feature before signing up to buy

Another special feature of MemberMouse is the ability to perform A / B checks to determine your price model. This way you will do better business.

Although there are many good features, MemberMouse also has weaknesses. First, this plugin is not GPL (General Public License) software; It means that you cannot edit its code. Secondly, MemberMouse limits the number of users.

Its basic package charges you $ 19.95 for a thousand members. Since this number may not be enough for a large community website as an online learning platform, you should buy an advanced or premium package. For the advance package, the monthly price is 99 USD for 50,000 members. The premium is $ 299 / month for 100,000 members.


There are many good WordPress (membership plugin) membership plugins out there, but the plugins listed in this article are our favorite plugins. We also like to discuss, so leave a comment below if you have any comments!

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Making money from content is not a new industry. Thanks to the power of the internet, people today can easily create member websites . In this article, we

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