Content delivery network (CDN) is a mechanism that helps your website download Java Script files, images, videos faster when users access the website.

CDN will help your website content to create a backup copy on server servers of that service, when users access a website using CDN browser service will access to website backup copies on the server. of the CDN service nearest to you, helps your website load faster.

Website loading time is extremely important because your website takes too long to load users will immediately exit and look for other options (3s rule), then your website will not achieve good rankings in the Search Results.

If you use the CDN service it will store the static content on your website in the CDN service servers and help nearby users download the files when accessing thus reducing the download time significantly.

So if you want to speed up your WordPress website, you have to use quality CDN services.

However, buying a CDN service along with paying for web hosting services (hosting, vps, …) is quite expensive for bloggers and the majority of users.

But that does not mean that you do not use CDN services for your website, there are some high quality free CDN services that will help you increase page load speed for your WordPress website.

Top free CDN services


CloudFlare is currently the most popular free CDN service that you can use for WordPress websites. When you use the CDN service, your website traffic will be routed through their global server network, provided by 34 data centers around the world.

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Along with speeding up your website, CloudFlare will give your WordPress website a layer of protection and ensure your site is as secure as possible.

And the best thing this service has is that they have one CDN plugin Own very easy to use.

CloudFlare Data Centers


Photon is a CDN service for websites hosted on WordPress.Com and separately The WordPress website uses the source code at WordPress.Org will be using the Jetpack plugin.

jetpack photon

Images are a fairly important component of web pages, and images take up quite a bit of space, so download times are also quite high.

And once you use Photon's CDN service, your images will be backed up on WordPress.Com's data centers which will greatly reduce your page load time.


WordPress sites more or less use JavaScript, there are many WordPress sites that contain too much JavaScript will make that site load a lot slower.

Free jsDelivr CDN service is a CDN service that helps websites store JavaScript files on their servers.

You just need to install and activate CND plugin to use the services and then scan your website for plugins to identify and distribute files through their CDN service.

jsDelivr WordPress CDN Plugin


SwarmCDN is a paid CDN service, but you also get 250 GB of free bandwidth and other free services.

swarm cdn

This service also gives you unlimited free storage for your files and their data centers are located in 196 countries worldwide.


CDN Incapsula service is a famous free content distribution network.

KhasDIncapsula service also provides you with anti-spam service to protect your website, access control, free login protection. This service is also provided to WordPress users CDN plugin when using their services.

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incapsula security works

Please share your experience when using CDN services by commenting below for everyone to refer, we will update more.

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