The procedure “levels” next Android will help you master the “blue robot” easily.

Android growing strongly, not least thanks to the iPhone application store Android Market

Note: some tricks only suitable Android version 2.0 or higher. All are required to jailbreak (unlock / unlock) devices.

Optimal screen

A. Make decorative device space by the widget – pre-loaded application program on the screen. To do this, hold your finger on any open space that, then select Widgets from the pop-up menu. The Widget size and different functions, so you search the Android market to really get like that application.

Two. Do not want to be bothered because the signal notification whenever new email? Go to Gmail’s Settings menu and set the tone mode is Silent. You will see a new mail message on the bulletin board on the screen. Just drag the bar down as you can learn detailed information. You can also choose to inform of the message as well as applications create messages prompted by analogy.

3. Set the speed dial: Keep your finger on the screen and select Shortcuts. Next, select Direct dial and put in some users from the directory you frequently call. If set the mode dial to quickly send messages, select the Direct message.

4. To put any favorite Web sites on the screen, you click on the bookmark that page your browser and select Add shortcut to home.

Five. Try to use the directory screen devices help prevent flooding. Click an empty space and select Folders. Next, you can drag and drop these shortcuts to programs, familiar application. To change the folder name, click and hold on the title bar when it is open.

Decorative screen widget system preferred

Efficient use the basic features

6. For improved file management capabilities of Android, you use a utility called Astro allows browsing devices such as on a computer, including navigating directories, delete files …

7. If you want to cut or paste text. Please click on a slice of the input area. If you are browsing the web, type the Menu key and use the Select text option.

8. Use of Android keyboard shortcuts to save time, maximize the ability of the operating system support. Thanks to hot keys, you can do everything. See a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts on Android here.

9. You can also set your own shortcuts to open applications. On the Settings menu, go to Applications and select Quick Launch to start.

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10. If the virtual keyboard when you do not want to dance, hold and drag down to turn off.

11. You can see the current date by tapping your fingers on the top left corner of the screen.


12. To open any file on the Android phone, plug the device into the PC. In the bulletin board, click the box and select Mount USB connect when asked for confirmation dialog box appears. Your phone will be on the PC hard drive, just drag and drop files you want to use.

13. Make music management or even import playlists from iTunes with free applications DoubleTwist. This tool helps it becomes extremely simple.

14. You can sync calendars from Outlook to Android’s relatively easy. Install the application Google Calendar Sync to do so.

15. To sync contacts from Outlook without using Exchange server on Android, you simply install the application GO Contact Sync, Free open source utility for PC.

16. For regularly updated information from the feed, use the utility NewsRob, Useful tools to help feed the system of the device and Google Reader.

17. Want to have your browser’s bookmark system on Android PC, download the utility MyBookmarks from the Android Market.

“The” Android

18. With Android, you can integrate Google Voice service. Once you register, download the official applicationyou will have numerous options. There is an interesting tricks that you add the Google Voice widget on the screen to add more options as call forwarding to.

19. You can send messages for free thanks to Google Voice-all you need do is install specialized applications. Make sure that you have changed the settings to refresh 5 seconds, so new messages are not late. If you want to speed up notification, log into Google Voice service home page and configure your account to send email notification messages to the destination.

20. To save costs, use tools and free VoIP service called Fring, Multi-application platform supports Android. Fring lets you make calls to connect to Google Talk, Skype and any SIP service does.

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21. To reduce noise a headache because you use a free application called Dial Zero, The joint work of partners. This tool will help you reduce background noise.

22. To avoid being bothered by people or teased, you can transfer calls to voicemail to voicemail. First, open the contacts of people who want to transfer the call, select and click the Menu button, choose Options and check the box Incoming calls.

23. Incoming Calls screen also allows you to choose your own ringtones for each person. Ringtone and select the music changes for each person if you wish.

24. Want to use ringtones with MP3 files rieng.hay create a new folder on the memory card and name it as ringtones. Copy the MP3 files here and they will automatically be displayed on your selection list. The Alarms or Notifications folder will also add music for audio prompts, the message of the phone.

25. To edit any MP3 file, you can use the free utility Ringdroid, To pick out the value of the song, set as a sound system of the device.

26. Android lets you keep multiple windows open at once. Take a moment to click any web address to open a new window. Select the Menu key while browsing to control the windows.

27. If you wish to view the site in wide mode, Android can easily meet. You can issue commands to always use the Android browser Lanscape mode. In Settings of your browser, select the check box Landscape-only display.

28. In addition to the Android browser integration, you can use Dolphin Browser with many attractive features such as tabbed browsing, the gestures, multitouch zooming.

Data management on Android

Safety data on Android.

29. Android supports the plan to protect the control equipment. For example, to unlock, you must put your finger across the screen in a certain way. For details of this operation, you can go to System Settings, the Location and Security, find the Screen Unlock Pattern.

30. You want to back up data? Try MyBackup, Save the utility to support applications, contacts, call details, messages and even the SD card or secure Internet servers. You can also use to SMS BackupSupports backup text messages on the Gmail account.

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31. To better protect your device, please download the Mobile Defense. This application will allow you to use PC monitoring device via the GPS system, remote locking device or even a backup, delete all data.

Create ringtones on Android Add essential applications

32. If you have a series of Office files, Documents To Go may be the application you need. The free version of the tool support browsing files in Word, Excel. Paid version will allow you to edit them, along with the ability to browse the PPT and PDF files.

33. If you want to use cloud computing services on Android phone, you can use to solution GDocsor ThinkFree Mobile Office, Both of which connect to the Google Docs document.

34. If regular notes, please download the utility supports PC synchronization with the name GDocs Notepad. Tool allows to save data directly to Google Docs account easily.

35. For those who frequent photo editing application Mobile Adobe’s probably not a bad choice, notably it’s free.

36. Please improve the music experience of Android phones by TuneWiki, The tool automatically searches and displays lyrics. Also, you can also listen to radio via the Internet thanks to this tool.


37. Adjust the handset using the LocaleApplication profiles allow customization of the particular circumstances.

38. Take advantage of the LED device by installing the tools Missed Call, Help customize the light of a specific color light.

39. Edit dictionary of Android, including your name and the word appropriate. Then you’ll enjoy automatic data entry feature is very effective. In Language and keyboard settings in System Settings to get started.

40. If you try an Android application and decided not to use. Give me back, Android Market application marketplace willing to pay money back to you immediately after the purchase within 24g.

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