4 tips to keep WordPress website safe from hackersYou spend your time and money developing the perfect website: hiring graphic designers, hiring programmers, considering colors and specific details to make your website attractive, attracting many potential customers. power. The website went live and within weeks was hacked.

That is a familiar story. Some estimates suggest that about 30,000 WordPress websites are hacked every day!

Why hackers hack websites?


The reasons behind this are numerous. Website that stores credit card information on the customer side provides the target for hackers for their own benefit. They can install malicious hardware on your computer so they can gain control of your computer and use it as if they were you, thereby attacking multiple computers from you.

And some hackers do it just for fun.

So, make sure you take the following steps to protect your website and your potential customers from harm.

Create secure username and password

WordPress says that the highest possibility of being hacked on your side is due to poor usernames and passwords. When you Create website, the default username on your side will be the administrator. Change this to something else. In addition, creating a password will not be easily seen. Do this by:

  • Use lots of letters and numbers
  • Use upper and lower case letters
  • Use symbols, such as # and $
  • Change the password
  • Choose a username that has nothing to do with your website
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Always keep your WordPress website up to date

Update your website whenever it is suggested. Always updating WordPress will ensure you have the latest security features and fix any possible errors in the previous version. Below, we will show you what is likely to happen when you do not update your website.


Two-step verification

This awesome plugin allows Google to send you a unique number on your phone when you sign in to your account. When you sign in each time you will need to enter the secret number, sent to you on the Google Authenticator App on your smartphone. Because this program creates several new ones in thirty seconds, the possibility of hackers guessing the correct number is impossible.

Download and run MalCare

This plugin will scan your WordPress website, check for security holes, and recommend actions to fix it. This includes information about your password, file access, database security, and more. You can download the free version from MalCare from or you can buy the premium version, starting at $ 99. To install the tool, go to your control panel, click on Plugin, then choose New Install. Upload the entire directory and you will find it on the Plugins page installed on your side.

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