A software is absolutely a great utility for users. Have you ever use Paint? That is just one example of a software that a lot of users enjoy because of its simple quality of being an all around a great coloring tool, cropping, and a resizing tool.
There are many other capabilities to a software too which you can ultimately utilize to your own benefit to perhaps even pull in some serious cash while you are at it. Although some software may require a down payment, (ex. Photo Shop, Sony Vegas) you can easily reclaim your investment and use the tool in such a way to continue to make even more money as simple as that. Many people fail to realize that there are many industries crying for great web designers, logo makers, graphic designers, and etc in web communities all over the world. And with our current century of the Internet boom, tons of opportunities will be flying to your doorstep. Although you are not limited to web designing in particular, remember that where ever there is demand, is an opportunity to make money and with a software, it can make your life a whole lot easier.
  1. Provide a service – Services are a great way to recoup what investments you have made to buy some of the tools you need to make even more money. An example of a great money making service is logo making. Although it requires to buy tools like Adobe Photoshop, some really skilled designers get paid anywhere between $100 – $1,000 for each logo they create. For a basic logo creator, it can be anywhere between $5-$100 (still a nice sum).
  2. Become an affiliate – Create a partnership with the original software creator and become an affiliate and promote their product to make nice commissions for each sale you make. Almost every software owner agrees to partnerships like these because there are no losers in the deal because when you make a sale, you make commission as well as the original developer.
  3. Sell your own software – Create your own software or invest in a software developer to create your very own software in markets where people are willing to pay big bucks to automate repetitive tasks. When selling your own software, there are many variations to making money from your software. You can require only a 1-time payment or ask for some compensation for every major update, or just go with each idea individually. Another possibility is to have a monthly fee or use credits as a way to continue to harness even more money consistently. Owning your very own software and selling it, gives you a mountain of opportunities to make even more money.
  4. Create a freebie – Create a freebie software to generate a email list with targeted buyers who are interested in your softwares so you can later market your more serious products. A lot of marketers use this tactic to ensure they maximize the usage of the word “free” to the best of their ability to make even more money. With softwares, you can use this technique too.
To look for more insights or ideas as to what is currently a huge demand over the web, I recommend surfing around large web communities such as forums, technology news, and all things related to the Internet.
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