If you're like most people in this space, you'll probably have a habit of checking Bitcoin prices before you leave your bed. Besides, there must have been several times you've woken up in the middle of the night due to crypto-related nightmares. Because deep down, every holder or trader knows that there is more to worry than daily fluctuations.


OK, obviously you don't want to keep all your assets on an exchange. But sometimes we are lazy to transfer coins into cold wallets after a successful transaction.

Although you can get back the stolen property in case it was hacked, no one can assure you that the platform you are using does not become a second Cryptopia.

In addition, Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand. After a number of hacks, Cryptopia users are currently having difficulty recovering stolen assets because the exchange violated AML requirements from the beginning.

As for those who hold coins in their own wallets, you can still be a victim of sim swaps, malware, scams, or ransomware …

These types of attacks cost the crypto industry more than $ 4.5 billion last year.


* Rekt cIt is derived from the word “wrecked” (destroyed), rekt is the word used when an investor makes the wrong decision that leads to a loss (for example, selling Bitcoin before it soars in value). It can also be understood as a mistake that makes you lose

Experienced traders all know how to set “stop loss and limit” to avoid REKT when they leave the keyboard.

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But those buttons won't help you when BitMEX encounters one transaction problems like the last installment, or Binance ran into you performance issue in recent days.

Lost seed restored

Whether you carved them on a wall or simply wrote them down on paper, you may still be worried about losing the seed to recover your floor account or cold wallet.

After all, if you are someone who often forgets where you left your car keys, storing your private keys is a scary thing.

Bitcoin back to $ 0

While these may seem impossible, they always seem to lie deep in your subconscious. And when night falls, they enter into the dream and haunt you.

After waking up and realizing that it was all a nightmare, please confess, did you breathe a sigh of relief because it was just a dream?

Seems like being a trader or holder has never been easy, is it my friend?

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