Users could not “consume” several rumors about the improvements of the iPhone screen 7s in 2017, now has more rumors about the design of the iPhone 4-inch screen 6c first appearance coming in 2016.

iPhone 6c màn hình 4 inch có thể ra mắt đầu năm 2016

6c 4-inch iPhone demo

According to a rumor of one of China website TECHWEB posted on the Internet a few hours, maybe 6c iPhone with 4-inch screen designed to be Apple officially announced worldwide in early February in 2016.

This seems 6c iPhone would be a product similar to the iPhone 6: no 3D Touch. Besides, unlike the predecessor iPhone 5c attached polycarbonate plastic frame, this new line 6c iPhone will be equipped with external metal frame. And the metal frame also have many different colors for users to choose.

Rumors Apple will release an iPhone product line with 4-inch screen has been transmitted and repeated a lot on the Internet, but of course we have not been clear endorsement. However capable iPhone will debut 6c with external metal frame almost 90% are uncertain, because the most recent smartphone Android has also been equipped with metal frame. Of course, Apple has no reason to switch to plastic frames, losses than its rival Android.

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all still just a rumor, but the preparation of the budget available for the iPhone 6c new 4-inch screen right now that does not mean one is too bad.

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