Apple’s new Maps application is considered desirable on the IOS platform 6 has been announced. However, the feature 3D maps and navigation features in this application will not be present on the iPhone 4.


But recently, Anton Titkov – a Russian developer, has developed an application that features 3D maps can work on iPhone 4 named 3DEnabler, this application requires users to undergo some certain steps including installing six iOS jailbreak and install 3rd party software. In other words, this is not easy for users to “novice”.

According to Apple, 3D maps can only work on devices: iPhone 4S, iPad, and iPad second generation 3 because the configuration of these products more powerful than the iPhone 4. However, in a video of his performance, Anton showed Titkov 3D features can still run on the iPhone 4.

In addition to 3D features, Apple also said to navigation (turn-by-turn) the application’s new map of its release will not work on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G.

Video introduction of 3DEnable activities.

According to CNET

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