Winning races, trophies or medals is sometimes, or rather often, brought back to the team’s traditional home, but very rarely the driver gets to keep the real version. Instead, a replica will be made by the racing team and given to the rider to display at home.


With races lasting 2 hours, pit stops lasting less than 3 seconds, there is almost no time for the driver to deal with sadness. It happens very rarely, but still happens, and is guided by the racing teams themselves, that is when it comes to venting, the driver will do it on the spot, even while driving the car at speed 300 km/h. Of course, this only applies to “going light”. As for “heavy going”, there was a race, in practice, Charles Leclerc had to return to the pit because of severe abdominal pain.


The driver’s meal time must be strictly observed, exactly 1 hour 30 minutes before they get out of the car to start the race. And also because of the great pressure each race creates, each racing team must have its own nutritionist to ensure the riders eat enough. The meal of both the racing team and the team’s guests, numbering in the dozens, has never been more important than the meal of two drivers.


To get into the car and drive out on the track, whether it’s practice or official racing, the driver must always wear a full outfit: A fireproof jumpsuit, balaclava, helmet, carbon piece called Hans to protect the neck. , and gloves. Inside the gloves are sensors that monitor the rider’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels, allowing for real-time monitoring.


Drivers are required to give interviews to the press at set times, and there will be financial penalties for avoiding interviews with newspapers and television channels invited to the racing track.


And so that a driver’s interview isn’t misquoted, a team communications officer will record the entire interview.


It wasn’t until 2017, when Formula 1 changed hands from CVC Capital Partners to Liberty Media, that drivers started interacting more on social media, a move aimed at rejuvenating the sport’s audience.


After winning, drivers are allowed to celebrate by locking the front wheels and then hitting the gas to do a donut, but this type of celebration affects the transmission and rear-wheel drive, so usually racers only do the latter. In the final race of the season, as each team can only replace a limited number of parts, over-replacing will result in a penalty in the form of a lower starting position compared to the qualifying performance.


But there are also celebrations that are “watched”, such as Max Verstappen’s deliberate stop to burn a tire at Styrian GP 2021. He was later warned because there were still cars behind, and acted deliberately Deceleration in the middle of the track can be dangerous for other riders.


There is no provision in the rules that prohibits racers from listening to music at the same time, but no one does because it is easy to lose focus and not hear important communications with the pit line engineer over the radio.


Two drivers on the same team are not allowed to contact each other during the race, but there is still a way to bypass it, which is to send information to two engineers in charge of each driver in the pit lane.


The car space is too small to run in a one-foot fashion for both the accelerator and the brake, the driver is forced to drive in the style of the right foot, the left foot, and the brake.


In addition to the basic salary, the riders also have their own bonuses. That’s why in 2012, it was still Kimi Raikkonen who almost bankrupted the Lotus racing team because of their high performance, the team could not afford to pay bonuses.


If a driver has personal sponsorship from brands, they have to share part of that money with the racing team, how much is up to the teams to decide.


The most expensive subject on the planet with machines worth 20 million USD is also the playground of the rich. For example, right now, Lawrence Stroll becomes the main shareholder of Aston Martin to facilitate his son Lance to race F1. Similarly, the father and son of the Latifi family with Williams. But there are still “pay drivers” who use money to pave the way to join the extremely successful and talented game, and the main example is Michael Schumacher. In 1991, Mercedes-Benz paid Jordan $150,000 to sign Schumi mid-season. What happened after that is now history.


Usually a racing team will either be a car manufacturer like McLaren, Mercedes or Ferrari, or will cooperate with an F1 engine manufacturer like Honda with the current Red Bull Racing. The riders are all given a car to run every day, helping to increase brand awareness for both the team and the car company.


Riders must comply with mandatory and random drug tests.


At some bends, when the whole body is tied to the cockpit, the part of the body that is most affected by centrifugal force is the neck, with the pressure sometimes equivalent to 25kg. That’s why every rider must have special exercises for the neck area, and also why every rider has a neck that looks so “full.”


According to health experts, before each race, the driver must have enough sleep for at least 7 hours, and before the race takes place 4 hours, there will be a short nap to ensure the driver’s reflexes are in good condition. Maximum levels.


There is no law that prohibits it but so far has not become a reality, it is completely possible for male and female drivers to compete with each other on the same F1 track. The FIA ​​and tournament organizers are also looking for ways to make this sport more open to more people.


There is a summer break between each season, and that is the time when a driver who has signed a full season contract with a racing team can completely be fired or change personnel because of poor performance.

According to Popular Mechanics

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