CTA – Call to Action is understood as a call to action button. It helps guide the customer to create an action-oriented conversion for the marketing campaign. CTA can exist in the form of: View more articles, buy now, contact form, information registration, …

CTA is considered a tactic extremely effective in helping website owners navigate users through the purchase step and directly affect the conversion rate. CTA is considered effective if it ensures to attract users to visit and care. Any user doesn’t like clicking on a CTA that has no value. If providing sufficient, clear value, then relevancy (Relevance) and trust from them will be very high.

Creating a CTA can take time, but it will give you many effective reports on conversion rates and correlations among other search engines. At SMX Convert, Billie Hyde – Senior Account Manager at SEO Works, shared the strategies she used. To improve the user experience (user), while also promoting outstanding business.

In this article, TopOnSeek will help you learn and example the most effective CTA improvement tactics.

Improve the CTA that drives Conversion and Relevance

Tactics to improve CTA – Skip generic CTAs

There are two types of CTAs: subtle calls to action and clear calls to action. TheThe “These generic CTAs are the obvious call to action, they appear at any time on the website,” says Hyde. They can be on the meta description, content or on the product description at the bottom of the page.”

CTA often act as a Relevance text. But too general CTA will reduce the connection with users or other search engines. Ms. Hyde advised that marketers should skip these bland CTAs and instead go for more valuable ones.

More than that, she said, “Try to provide CTAs relevant to the website that brought the user to.” For example “View our collection now” could be replaced with “Check out our diamond wedding ring collection today”.

Google will know that this CTA takes the user to another page or platform that is related to what we mentioned.” This will add usefulness to the internal linking of a store or company. Create a high Relevance factor with Google.

Skip generic CTAs

If you’re using a generic CTA, it’s a good idea to research and test that CTA. Does it really match the content you are using for the website?

Flexible use of CTAs to continue the Consumer Journey

CTAs are supposed to lead users on your website. Guide them to follow your services and push them to follow the action you’ve designed. Specific, subtle CTAs would be great for this. Because they allow you to suggest additional products (if the product is out of stock). Or simply provide more information to build trust with customers.

Ms. Hyde presented a situation where users could walk away when they couldn’t find the product they wanted. “If this is not what you are looking for? Why not check out our Salsa couple wedding ring collection. They are dedicated to the modern bride and groom, with a simple, sophisticated style.”

Flexible use of CTAs to continue the Consumer Journey

CTAs are really helpful, as they allow the user to understand better. To find products that match what they are looking for. For this user can be seen as a good type of user, because they have real needs and are able to meet future conversions.

Website owners need to analyze and evaluate which user intent to go to next, to create a CTA relevant to that redirect page. “The anchor text that you use to link to another page needs to be related to each other. So always keep this in mind.”

Prioritize CTA Improvement Tactics With Different Users

Websites are often designed on the desktop, for Google, they have encouraged to improve the experience on mobile through algorithm updates such as friendly mobile. However, there was no increase in ranking for Website design for seemingly impaired users.

“In 2020, there were more than 2 billion sales made through Online and Ecommerce. KAbout 3% of shoppers have used a screen reader. “So about 60 million online purchases in 2020 will be made by visually impaired people,” Ms. Hyde said.

Users who rely on Screen readers may not benefit from the content displayed on the website. If a CTA is placed with too vague content. Screen reader users will not sympathize and feel inappropriate for them. Failure to optimize this can cause users to exit the page and lose that conversion opportunity.

Improve CTA by prioritizing different users

To avoid this, Ms. Hyde recommends that marketers download the Screen reader app. She said: “It took me 30-60 minutes to use the Screen reader to navigate the website. I click on every possible link, I go through the article using the Screen reader. And try to understand how the blind use it.”

This technique can help you understand and break down barriers in the process of improving conversions. Regardless of whether the user uses a Screen reader or not. In addition, it also makes your website improve your user experience. By highlighting the navigation, increase the attractiveness.

Hyde says: “Your Onpage SEO is not just about content, nor is it Technical SEO. Simply a good person, creating the right content. We need to take care of everyone!”


Through this article, Top On Seek Hopefully, it has brought you a lot of value and experience in the strategy of improving CTA to increase Conversion and Relevance. So have you measured the conversion efficiency of your website yet? Or did you increase your Google Ranking through Relevance? If you have more questions about CTA, contact our team of Top On Seek experts right away. We are always ready to help you improve the best Conversion rate and Relevance.

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