Josh Rager – cofounder at Blockroots – made a note of the three main signs. He said these three signs may sound like an increase, but they are actually a bearish sign.

According to Rager, these three signals were previously indicative of a market peak.

First, he noted that he was receiving a lot of direct messages and emails from people asking if it is now a good time to buy altcoins and Bitcoin.

He said this case took place in June 2019, when Bitcoin increased by more than $ 13,000

The second sign, according to Rager, is that altcoins have skyrocketed from 300% to 800%. This shows that traders are currently interested in the altcoins they have missed since the most recent bull market.

Finally, the recent positive mention of Bitcoin by CNBC is an indication that the asset is now mature and it's time for price adjustment.

In most cases, when CNBC speaks well of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community often considers it a strong sell signal.

Rager concludes:

All signs are clear, I've been in this game long enough to know the signs of potential obstacles.

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