With the development of information technology and new platforms are constantly being developed and expanded. Younger generation Gen Z are having a lot of advantages in expressing their own personality as well as expanding the brand image. Let’s find out with MarketingAI in the article below to know which 3 new “playgrounds” are making rain, having great attraction to the young generation of Gen Z.

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Created and developed in China in 2016 and now TikTok is proud to be one of the most used social networks by users in the world. With TikTok, users easily create short videos, edit them with music with special effects, and share personal videos. It could be about them lip-syncing, cooking, dancing, etc. In that way, Tiktok evolved as a social network, with mainly video-sharing content.

Tiktok is the largest video sharing platform in the world today, attracting over a billion monthly active users. And this music video social network is being considered a formidable competitor of Youtube and Facebook on the “front”. PROnline Marketing.

In June 2018, the app had 500 million monthly active users worldwide and to date it has reached 800 million users with over 30 million of them coming from the US. TikTok is also considered the #1 app in Apple’s free entertainment category on the App Store.

(Source: Socialmediatoday)

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For the young generation of Gen Z, TikTok is a great playground for them to post and spread entertainment videos to millions of people, because with the platform’s useful features such as lip-syncing, dancing, gymnastics. tools, comedy and more. The new and always updated social trend of TikTok is very attractive to young people in particular and users in general.

Because of such popularity and great user ownership, TikTok is a new playground for brands and brands to develop and expand their potential customers and brand PR on this platform.


Twitch, an Amazon-owned live-streaming platform, is extremely popular with gamers because it has gained a certain traction in the gaming community by allowing users to watch gamers. celebrities play live and join live chat with them.

At first, the platform was considered so far away from users that few thought they would spend hours watching other people play games. However, more than 14.6 million people follow player Tyler Ninja Blevins to watch him play the game. And that popularity doesn’t just exist within the Twitch community: Ninja has become a celebrity with his prominent Fortnite shares attracting 14.8 million followers on Instagram.

(Source: TheVerge)

Twitch thrives on personalized streamer viewership, and massive coverage of streamers connecting to most websites. Thanks to such a large growth rate, Twitch continues to expand its services every day and is poised to become the mainstream “playground” of the world. streamer gamers in particular as well as the young generation of Gen Z in general.


The last name in the trio of new attractive “playgrounds” for the young generation of Gen Z is Mixer. Microsoft acquired video game streaming platform Beam in 2016 and renamed it Mixer in 2017. From Q3 2018 to 2019, as CNN reports, Mixer hours more than doubled to 90.2 million while Twitch’s hours increased 11% by 2.55 billion. However, Mixer is on the mend when Ninja signed a deal on August 1 to stream exclusively on its platform, gaining more than 2.4 million followers to date. Ninja announced that he will become the exclusive full-time streamer for Mixer. Basically, nothing will change, Ninja said he will still stream Fortnite regularly.

(Source: Attack On Geek)


Along with Facebook and Instagram, these new “playgrounds” are currently extremely popular and have great coverage among young people, especially the younger generation. Gen Z. Hopefully, with the development of technology and the improved advantages in the new version updates, there will be many new user-friendly and useful social networking application platforms.

Phuong Thao – MarketingAI

According to Socialmediatoday

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