An analysis of the Twitter account spread information about two surprising transfers: 100 million and 150 million XRP.

Meanwhile, an analysis has been published showing the rise of XRP Liquidity Index on 4 liquidity demand corridors (ODL).

250 million XRP already ok transfer on Bithumb

The XRPL Monitor has detected 2 major XRP transfers, totaling 250 million XRP. Both are done between wallets of the Bithumb exchange.

“Transaction type: Payment

Amount: 150,000,000 XRP

Fee: 10 drops (0.00001 XRP)

From: Bithumb

Surplus of the From: 250,735,725.231117

Recipient: Bithumb

Surplus of the Recipients: 600,000,001 ”

“Transaction type: Payment

Amount: 100,000,000 XRP

Fee: 10 drops (0.00001 XRP)

From: Bithumb

Balance of the sender: 400,735,725.231127

Recipient: rBfsWR2tsk7YJnAvFgzMr37Ww9xaGEBjmA

Balance of the recipient: 550,000,001.000088 “

Recently, Ripple coin investors seem to have become more active after the Ripple CEO announced plans to issue securities around this year.

XRP liquidity index on Bitstamp, Bitso soared

XRPL Monitor has detected several consecutive XRP transactions between exchanges. Two of them were transferred to Bitstamp for a total of about 71 million XRP.

“Bitstamp – Bitstamp 21,990,778,442161 XRP;

Anonymous Wallet – Bitstamp 49,999,994,9999 XRP ”.

Bitstamp is one of the exchanges equipped with ODL and the XRP / USD corridor.

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Follow a recent tweet of the Twitter account て に っ た ー For Ripple / XRP only, among 4 ODL corridors, the XRP liquidity index has reached the highest level on Bitstamp. This also shows a higher level of adoption of XRP there.

Next is the corridor on the Bitso exchange in Mexico, where the XRP / MXN pair is trading. This corridor as well as the corridor on the platform in the Philippines and the other ODL corridors mentioned above are set up by Ripple and its partner MoneyGram.

“Liquidity indicators for exchanges that support ODL: Bitstamp (USD & EUR), Bitso (MXN), CoinsPh (PHP) and BTCMmarket (AUD)”.

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