Have you ever wanted to create a bootable USB drive on Windows, Linux or any drive that ISO? If so, here is a list of software that can help users create flash drive. USB installation file contains the Windows operating system, Linux CD, Ultimate boot disk, Hiren’s Boot CD, Antivirus Rescue CD, …

Create USB boot Windows

1 – WinToFlash:

As you can see in the screenshot below, this is the easiest software you can use to create a Windows boot disk. It creates boot version of Windows XP/2003 operating system, WinPE XP/2003, Windows vista/2008/7/8 and other operating systems.

2 – Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool:

Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool created by Microsoft for the purpose of easy to create bootable USB drive or burn the Windows 7 ISO file to DVD.

3 – A Bootable USB:

A Bootable USB is a compact application that allows users to install windows Vista/2008/7 from a USB drive.

4 – A Bootable USB (provided by Askvg.com):

Name this software looks similar to the above software. However, it has a few other options and work with x64 versions of Windows operating system.

5 – Setup from USB:

This is a simple application that is easy to use drive windows vista / 7 USB boot. However, when using this application, users need to have. NetFramework 4.

6 – OStoGO:

A small application to convert the disk windows vista / 7 DVD to a USB drive.

7 – RMPrepUSB:

Advanced tools for creating Windows boot drive. Still, users should use this application carefully.

8 – WinSetupFromUSB:

A good application but should be careful when using. WinSetupFromUSB USB drive users to create bootable Windows or Linux. Besides, it also allows the user to test in QEMU.

9 – FlashBoot:

A pretty good software that can convert Windows XP/Vista/7 USB drive. This software cost about $ 38 USD.

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Create USB MultiBootable

10 – YUMI – (Multiboot Your Universal Installer):

YUMI can be used to create MultiBootable USB drive with multiple operating systems, virus removal tools, recovery tools, .. . Use syslinux. One other interesting feature of this software is that it can download the ISO file before using it on a USB drive.

11 – XBoot:

XBoot software is pretty good, able to create Multiboot USB / ISO for Linux, Live CDs, Antivirus Utilities, … A very useful feature of Xboot is that it allows the user to check the USB was created right in Windows.

12 – SARDU:

SARDU is Multibootable software can create ISO and USB drives. This drive contains several anti-virus software, tools, current versions of Linux and Windows. All you need do is move the folder ISO ISO file and play it on a USB drive.


Create boot Linux and other USB drives

13 – USB Universal Installer:

This is quite useful applications, like YUMI, except that it does not support MultiBoot. However, it supports many versions of Linux, Antivirus Tools, Windows Vista / 7, Hiren’s Boot CD, …. Besides, this software also supports ISO file download to the user.

14 – Install LiveUSB:

A small application that users can use to create a Linux boot disk (with very nheu versions are supported, along with a few anti-virus tool, saving your hard disk, …). Users also have some other options, including the ability to burn. img to a USB drive.

15 – UNetbootin:

UNetbootin is an application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This application also supports ISO file download to help users. It supports many versions, antivirus tools, …. In addition, UNetbootin also supports creating bootable USB drive no matter which version is being used to anymore.

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16 – MultiSystem (Linux):

This application is only for Linux users can use to create bootable Linux USB drive.

17 – Fedora LiveUSB Creator:

A small application will help users move Fedora ISO file to USB drive.

18 – CD 2 USB:

CD 2 USB is a bit like tool with the command, can create USB boot drive for Ubuntu. This application does not format USB drive and install the bootloader on the drive.

19 – ISO to USB:

ISO to USB is a simple application that can create bootable USB drive from the Bootable ISO file.

20 – ISO2Disc:

ISO2Disc tool is compact, has the ability to burn ISO file to CD / DVD or USB Flash drive.


According to VietNamNet / QTM / Tipsotricks

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