12 benefits of choosing Chatbot on your website – The world is changing as technology develops, you must adapt to it. Human jobs are replaced by robots with artificial intelligence and soon, it will also happen to support jobs. The main evidence is the increase in chatbots. You've had a lot of conversations with a support specialist, without the idea of ​​whether it's going to be a bot that crosses your mind. It is simply because they work very well and it will get better in the coming years.

When you look at Google, Alexa and Siri, you have an idea of ​​what we are waiting for. Chatbot is simply a software capable of understanding languages ​​and how to communicate. You will give it an input and it will produce a result.

What does it mean for the business? Chatbots will be the future of the way we engage with customers.

Increase usability


We are used to getting the information we want and need it the fastest, thanks to Google. Up to now, there has to be a reliance on search engines, doing its best to convey demand in the simplest terms. But artificial intelligence takes things to another level, because we use a much more complex language.

This role has been accomplished by customer support representatives, but they are only human. They also cannot multitask or respond quickly. It will also annoy customers. Although it won't fit a conversation with an actual human, chatbots have a much faster and more effective answer.

Connect better with your customers


About 92% of internet users are more satisfied after using live chat than any other form of communication. Emailing, calling someone by phone, website contact forms and media pages are all important. But the level of user participation in this way is much higher. Chat with another person is best. However, when people get what they want right away, having a chatbot is a must.

You connect with your audience most effectively through interaction. This is the reason a business is constantly commenting and replying on mass media more successfully. Seemingly more committed to its audience, there is a loyal following of customers who slowly convert into customers. About 65% of customers will spend more money in a company with good customer service. Communicating directly with people with the help of chatbot will have similar services and the same results. If the chatbot responds quickly and the customer gets what they want right away.

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Messaging apps reached more customers than social networks did in 2015. Customers interact with brands via chat because it is so much faster.

A recent US report shows that about 65% of smartphone users do not download any new applications throughout the month. They stick with apps like Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber. About 42% of smartphone users spend most of their phone time in an app.

They can handle more customers at the same time


People only pay attention to 3-4 processes at the same time. If they had to overcome that, they would surely make mistakes. Therefore, they only converse properly with up to 3-4 customers. On the other hand, chatbots handle thousands of queries and enter thousands of conversations at the same time. No matter what time or how many people are writing messages, everything will go smoothly and effectively. Many fast food companies choose chatbots to take orders from customers.

100% polite chatbots


About 70% of the time they will handle customer queries with a big smile and with absolute courtesy. Extremely impolite customers or support staff are in a bad mood. This means that the way he / she responds impolite and it will make the customer unhappy.

On the other hand, Chatboxs have no dominant emotions. They will always respond politely programmed to do so. No matter what others are saying, your chatbot will work to achieve the optimal experience. That's why chatbots are a great investment. It is taught in many languages, which will make it easier to communicate with customers.

They are available 24/7/365


The benefit of automated machines (AI and chatbot) is that it does not rest. Many companies have 24/7/365 customer support, but that requires large staff to answer the phone constantly. Even with an incredible amount of manpower, customers are still subject to waiting.

Chatbots don't make customers wait and get tired. They just do their jobs and continue to do so throughout the day and throughout the year. It will bring more satisfaction and also improve position in your field. It also makes it much easier to reach the global market, because you don't need to worry about hiring customer representatives who speak fluently from many countries.

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It's easy to do


The reason chat bots are becoming so popular is because they are easy to do. While there is a much more complex platform than others, it is easy to set up with an easy to install chatbot.

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These chatbots are constantly being improved with updates, which makes them more accurate, more intuitive and more responsive to certain queries. An update from a developer will affect chat bot units. While it takes more time to train a group of people to perform the same task. It eliminates a lot of costs in running effective customer support for businesses. It is easier to implement on many systems than it is for chatting programs. If you have a WordPress-based website, you make a single chat program very easy and it will answer queries on your site at the same time.

As the interest for chatbots continues to grow, deploying them will become easier and easier with every release.

It saves you a lot of money


You must have at least a few employees to pay as a business owner. The amount you pay per month will only increase as your business grows; especially when you ask for customer support agents. Chatbots also solve this problem with a one-time investment. It significantly reduces the amount of money you have to spend on employees.

That one-time payment will pay off very quickly. There is a chatbot that answers simple and more complex questions for customer support agents. Get you a premium support service with your newly opened online business.

Automate repetitive work


No one likes to do the same thing over and over for a long time. People are more prone to making mistakes then. Although chatbots help you automate tasks that are performed continuously and at the right time.

The slack bot automatically completes many of your repetitive tasks. It helps you, employees save time and increase productivity. If someone buys something from your site or has an error on it, slackbot will send a brief summary of it on your slack channel.

They are very flexible


The programming behind chatbot is used in many ways, because it is very flexible. The same core is used in other products from the web, to tablets. It is used in every application you want to use.

Chatbots learn really fast, constantly expanding their database, with the potential to learn multiple languages. They operate on a universal platform that is accessible to anyone, on any device or browser. They adapt very quickly because they learn from the people who are using it. This is why this very intelligent system can greatly enhance many businesses and make them much more dynamic.

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This flexibility to easily understand languages ​​and interact with people for optimal results without hassle. Technology is not perfect at all and does not fit into real human communication. Some algorithms are better than others and they have an advantage over humans because of their large or nearly infinite memory. Questions that customers are answered by a single entity.

Easier to track customer data


Because chatbots are more interactive tools, they are capable of collecting and analyzing more data. They collect it through communication with people, just like us humans. The feedback is used to improve the product or service and make the website better. If your landing page or online store has organic traffic but doesn't convert well, find out what's wrong with your chatbot. It will find out why customers leave the site without buying anything.

Chatbots also excel at tracking different behavior patterns and drawing conclusions from them. It greatly influences the way you make marketing decisions and which products you will have to redevelop to re-launch.

Chatbots are great for leadership generation


Chatbot is very supportive for buyers with all the information they receive. It asks necessary questions about users' needs and gives appropriate product suggestions. This simple process will create a lead and because the chatbot is programmed to generate leads and make the conversation go in the right direction.

With the help of chatbots, users not only select and browse products, but also buy them. Facebook's messengers not only start orders but also complete them via an embedded payment system such as American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Braintree or Stripe.

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Adapting to new trends and technologies is the relentless struggle of online businesses. Chatbot brings more. It provides a leverage for interaction, taking things to a higher level than ever. Follow this new wave of technology and apply it to your competitors. It does not require a lot of investment and can bring huge ROI!

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and we helped you learn something new today!

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