10 world events are most interested in Facebook in 2015. These outstanding events are Facebook users on the world court and shared interest.

Every year-end, the big guns like Facebook Google to announce major events statistic that users are interested in, share and search Search help we can imagine the world panorama in years.

2015 is a year not be peace in the world, you can easily recognize this when watching list 10 events were most interested in Facebook below.

10 sự kiện được quan tâm nhất trên Facebook năm 2015

Top 10 events were selected based on criteria?

Top 10 is evaluated based on the degree of their frequent appearance in the post on Facebook from month to month 01/12/2015 01/01/2015.

List of 10 most interesting event on Facebook in 2015

1. The presidential elections in the US

2. The terrorist attack in Paris on 13-11

3. Syrian Civil War and the refugee crisis

4. Earthquakes in Nepal

5. Greek debt crisis

6. Gay marriage

7. Fighting IS

8. Magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked

9. The protests in Baltimore

10. The church shootings in Charleston, USA, and the debate about civil war flag

See the 10 most interesting event on Facebook in 2015 via video

Read more Top 10 listings include: movies, TV shows, artists, athletes, location … for many countries here: http://yearinreview.fb.com / 2015 /

Source: Facebook

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