If you are blogging / website then attracting traffic for the blog is a job to do. Because the article has many visits will help SEO blog / website more effectively. A post is written mainly to serve readers. If that article has a lot of hits, it means they're interested in the issue you are writing about. This is also the final goal that we aim to. So how to increase the hits for the most effective blog. If you want to know, try the following to apply to your blog / website. ways to increase hits for your website / blog the most effective!

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Why increase the number of visits to a blog?

Visitors are the best measure to see the value of any Web / Blog. Increasing the number of visits will not only help you to become famous quickly, but the amount of money you make will increase accordingly.

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If you are in the business of increasing the number of visits to the Web / Blog, your brand will become popular. Since then increase sales!

Just think if your blog has no visitors. Gradually it will make you depressed, maybe you will give up the job that previously loved!

Should see:

10 ways to increase hits for your website / blog the most effective!

  • Option 1: Write a synthesized form

An integrated article always attracts the attention of readers. So when searching on Google. We still often see results for aggregated posts like this. And those posts always appear first.

For example, when you want to search for keywords ”how to increase visits to website / blog“You will see a series of results appear like”10 ways to increase visits for blogs“…

The reason for the general form of writing is more interested, because they provide us with more knowledge.

  • Method 2: Increase the depth of the article

What do you think when a person wants to search for keywords: ”How to install WordPressThat person must be looking for the most detailed and in-depth tutorial. To help them be able to immediately install themselves a website / blog using WordPress.

An article detailing a trick or something basic, can make a majority of visitors not want to see.

However, we are targeting the needs of users, when addressing the “itch” of visitors may be very grateful to you.

From there they will often visit and support your blog more!

  • Method 3: Do Guest Blogging

If you have good writing ability, do it Guest Blogging. Writing articles on major blogs will not only help you gain more traffic, but also help build your reputation and brand!

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I always encourage you to post articles about yourself. 😀 And personally, I'm still actively doing Guest Bloging on some major blogs!

  • Method 4: Create a gift program

Creating a gift program right on your blog is an effective way to increase visits for your blog / website. Not only that, visitors will also remember you more easily!

Remember that in every gift-giving session, try to make as many people as possible aware of your program!

Method 5: Share articles on social networks Method 6: Write from a personal perspective

One of the most attractive points of a blog compared to other types of news websites is the writer's personal opinion!

Try adding your personal opinion to each article, maybe readers will enjoy it or feed you bricks. But nonetheless create a certain effect. Help increase effective visits.

  • Method 7: Regularly Comment on other people's blogsMethod 8: Create a Youtube channel

In addition to sharing articles on social networks, create a Youtube channel of your brand. Also a great way to increase traffic for blogs / websites.

The creation of video tutorial tips, product review videos, courses. And putting the blog link below the description is one way to help readers access your blog more easily.

On each article you should put 2 to 3 internal links to other articles. Purpose to help readers easily access other articles.

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Also with this method will help SEO for relevant posts. When one article is on the top, it will help pull another article to the top and also increase the traffic for that article.

  • Method 10: Run ads for blogs

You only need to search for keywords about a certain product, then the top 4 first posts are those running Google Adwords ads.

This will cost you a small fee. But in return you will easily reach customers, with your readers.

When there are many visitors will help increase the credibility. And increase the rank of the article on Google search engine.


The above is 10 ways to increase visits to website / blog that I have been applying. Hope it will be useful to you!

Of course there are still countless other ways to increase blog traffic. However, due to their limited knowledge and experience.

So if you have any better way, please share under the comment box for us to learn! 😀

Good luck!

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