Hey guys, I’ve been writing all the reasons why Adsense account is locked, the following is the latest updated standard as a consultant in Japan!

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

now account Jam is registered under the advice of the network should have received recommendations how to improve the quality of the website along with the things to avoid, useful, please share with the your standard as follows:

accounts in violation of the following policies would permanently locked, hard to complain:

1: Your website does not have a privacy policy

sounds not quite right, but in this policy may be prescribed use or use agreement, you should also have had feet like Jam page!

2: Your website does not have a clear sitemap

This is the website should also have, it is beneficial for SEO that! You can learn more in the article What is Sitemap!

3: Your website does not specify the source article for copied content

Recently Google began copying the website dedicated to linking to the original article, and if your site has many entries copy, please link to the original article dofollow form, I get the people should make decent, this one agrees with Google!

4: 300 × 250 ad code placed your bottom scroll with jquery form even on the phone

This is the gist of a recent article Jam, the same website banner scroll below the footer to stick on your phone or click a user makes a mistake!

case mounted on sliding window along the website also easily lead to a disabled account!

5: Is your website user-generated content are not moderated

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This is why the forums are not put Adsense, which is the forum for the most cult of Digitapoint.com account disabled!

6: Is your website content debauchery, violence, religion, politics …

This is not to discuss further!

7: Is your website content or minimum number of characters in each post so few

With the article a few words, and repeated several such posts will be “sticky phosphate”, so you need to write high quality articles, many letters, and should have more photos!

8: Your Website abuse keywords, keyword stuffing too many

This is the standard, if you want to hug advertised, stuffing keywords into the article and the title without reasonable is it to assume that you’re manipulating advertising, there will be Banned!

9: Is your site’s third-party ad display similar content section 6

If third-party ads that are related to taboo topics, you will be banned nick!

10: Invalid activity consists of (Clicks, 18+ spam links, buying traffic from a source, auto view ..)

This is not a table, you can easily be detected by the invalid clicks, or join the affiliate network ad click or encourage click advertising!

Buy Counter still valid, but if you buy from a single source, eg from Jam for example, will be permanently banned account!

I wish you success!

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