When it comes to SEO, there is clearly a lot of volatility in the industry and not just from the search engines like Google but also the way people self-searching and using information. The tips below are a mix of analytical, organizational and practical that I find very useful and it seems it is often forgotten in the conversation with the marketer.

10 loi khuyen ve SEO co the ban chua biet

1. Create keyword groups to take advantage of your data better

When I say to the creation of groups of keywords means creating lots of keywords. Here’s why: group keywords are used to reflect things like products, features, marketing campaigns, audience segmentation, message, geography and more. Consider creating many types of group keywords so you can compare products and features as well as the message, the campaign … tag team not only good for comparing your internal marketing efforts, but it also work in the monitoring and analysis of competitors with you.

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2. Grouping content

If you are taking the time to create groups of keywords, you should also consider your content team. One of the reasons I wanted to create content groups is because it will give you a different perspective on how your audience searches and interact with you. Several groups of content you can create for example:

– Use the same team you used to create groups of keywords such as product features, campaigns, geography …

– Create content groups according to the type of content such as videos, white papers, research, blog …

– Create groups based on user content – for example, I could create the kind of content for evaluation, consideration …

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This method allows me to compare easily and to see groups of keywords and traffic is dominated by my content.

3. Pay attention to the keywords top

These keywords are basically top keywords and the corresponding content has changed in the past few weeks. I watched both positive keywords and decline because it let me know that we are evaluating the content and keyword combinations or not at the same time it warned me to see the changes in demand and interests of the audience.

4. Track your top keyword competitors with you

The review of the top keyword competitors will enable you to see the keywords they are targeting and the corresponding content in which they are created to cater to the audience yours. This information can help the process of content creation in the future or improve existing content.

5. Pay attention to the signals by level competitive social content

social signal is usually a good indication of what’s popular and relevant to the audience at this time. While most people pay attention to their social signals, the consideration of the social interaction with your competitors are also important. By reviewing a list of contents is arranged according to the leading social signals, you can see what fit your audience with the same keywords you are following and see where you can discovered gaps in the content of your own site.

6. Prioritize your proposal

If you’re using SEO and content platform providing suggestions, maybe you’ll get a list of recommended scattered. The priority of your proposal will not only help you stay awake, but it will also ensure that you are focusing on the most important item. Whether you are looking for a rank or find a way to focus on a group of content or specific keywords, you can use your platform to organize and distribute the proposals.

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7. Start your day with the new track

Depending on your experience and your interaction with organizations SEO, you may or may not be going into the first platform. One of my daily work is summed up traffic, the keywords are performing at top, a summary of the proposal and evaluation of important marketing channels.

8. Explore competitors

Do you know about the competitors in your market and you probably have some check on it. Stay tuned for regular people who are starting to rank for the keywords you are targeting and look at the corresponding content can help you capture and strategize against the changes in traffic before you lose position and visitors.

9. Polishing the older content

One of the most frequent job when you review your old content is to view your content has been refreshed using the new information, updated SEO practices and internal current capacity to deliver to the audience. Most of us have a lot of page rank is likely to increase – takes less time than creating new content. We often focus on driving traffic to the campaign and the latest features, so it is easily overlooked. Do not ignore these opportunities on your site – they can be a great place for your audience to find you, and they can even open up new audiences.

10. Caption when you go

Add new keywords? Make annotations on it. Make a series of changes related to the structure or site improvement suggestions? You make annotations on it. Your team has just released new content for a campaign? Please annotate it. Why annotation without an interesting action? Because it will help you understand all of what was going on.

10 loi khuyen ve SEO

When you are looking for content and keyword groups, if you were to add comments to the analysis, you will much easier when you want to find out the causes and consequences. Believe me, every 20 seconds you win out for the caption, you will save 20 minutes when trying to figure out why there is a spike in traffic.

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When it comes to SEO means talking about the process of managing your priorities and keep abreast of changes to Google. Therefore, expect some tips will be new ideas to remind you with the best practices.

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