Sometimes you’re all set an advertising campaign in Google Adwords advertising but does not run as expected , the following reasons may be the cause of the Google announcement: your ad does not show for keywords now!

Quảng cáo không hiển thị với từ khóa bạn chọn

The ad does not display the keywords you select

Campaign / Ad Group paused Google

A basic element for any advertising campaign on google: Activity and Pause. It may seem intuitive, but just make sure the account, campaign and ad group settings your installation is set to operate.

The issue of payment information advertising services google

Review your payment information to your account to confirm it is correct (credit card number, expiration date, address, etc.). If Google has any problems with payment, it will not serve your ad.

daily budget did not choose

Check the daily budget of the campaign to ensure that it is set above. Your ad will not run if you do not have dedicated daily budget for each campaign.

keyword bid is too high compared to the daily budget

your keyword bids may be too high for your daily budget.

For example, if the maximum cost per click for your keywords and campaign 4000D is your daily budget is only 10 000đ, then Google will not display your ad. If this is the case, just a low bid or increase your daily budget.

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Search Volume Low

If you do not receive any impressions on your ad, it may be due to low search volume for the keywords your target. Google will note the low-volume keywords in the tab ‘Keyword’ in the interface. If you find your keyword has a low search volume, use the keyword planning tool to find relevant keywords with higher search volumes.

Rejected advertising

If your ad text does not adhere to the policy of Google text ads, then your ad will not be accepted. When you sign up for email alerts, Google will send you an email if your ad text is not approved.

If you disable alert email account, then you can test your ads approved in the interface. To find if your ad is rejected, log into your AdWords account and click Campaign Management tab. Then click on ads that are approved in the Performance Analysis section of your ads. Useful promotional tools are approved will let you know when, what, where, and why text ads not approved. It will also offer suggestions for improving your ad text.

Rejected Keywords

also reviewed and approved AdWords keywords to your campaign. If the keywords under AdWords prohibits content. Google AdWords does not permit the advertisement of products and sites related to weapons, drugs, tobacco, pornography, liquor, fireworks, and more.

Negative Keywords

Add negative keywords to your campaign is a good idea, but you must be careful, especially when using broad match. Review the list of your negative keywords. Make sure that you have not been more negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level invalidate your keywords in any given ad group.

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Preference, position the stop serving ads

Theoretically, up position is a great tool when you want to control where your ads appear in search rankings funding. But if your keyword bids are not set up correctly, the tool location options may stop serving your ads. As representatives of our Google:

Position preference instructs the AdWords system

If you expand your position preference, you’ll see that the keyword will trigger ads. ‘So if you bid too high or too low for the selected locations, your ad will not be served. The position preference tool Google will only show your ad when you qualify for the specified location.

To fix this, select custom or off position, or expand your interests to include multiple locations hon.Neu else fails, sometimes it is best to wait. Google’s ad text and keyword approval can take up to five days. When you submit your ad text and keywords, you will be involved in the review and approval of queues Google.

If it has been more than five days, contact a Google representative to view your keywords and your ad has been approved. Here is an article related to the reason why your ad is not showing up in Google.

If you have worked through the whole list, and still not see results, then it is time to contact your Google representative. Your account may have bigger problems than tenders, approve the budget and the ad text.

I wish you success!

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