10 Great Anime Similar To Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi was one of the best anime from the Spring 2021 season and yet was still incredibly underrated when it was originally released. Thankfully, anime fans got the word out about just how fantastic the story and mystery were in the incredible world directed by Baku Kinoshita.

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With a movie now based on the series — Odd Taxi: In the Woods — now adding new parts to the story while giving it a shorter retelling, it’s no surprise that many fans are looking for other anime that reminds them of this anthropomorphic mystery masterpiece. Thankfully, there are a few shows out there that can satisfy that craving perfectly.


10 Baccano!

Baccano! is a fantastic historical anime that manages to span several major eras. Much like Odd Taxi, the story of Baccano! is told from various different viewpoints while slowly giving all the pieces to a puzzle that can finally be solved at the end of the show. While it may not feature anthropomorphic animals, the show certainly has moments of action and comedy that fans of Odd Taxi will enjoy.

9 Catman

Odd Taxi had many experimental ideas with its presentation, including a hidden radio show online that helped build up the series. Catman also tried to do many things different, showings its three-minute episodes almost like an old film reel. Each mini-story is self-contained and there is no spoken dialogue in Japanese at all. Anyone that wants anthropomorphic animals and a unique style will enjoy the show.

8 Beastars

Some people believed that Beastars was a Zootopia ripoff when it first came out — that was a serious mistake. This look at society with predator and prey dynamics is far more nuanced, graphic, and even violent than anything Disney could ever imagine animating.

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The show also has mystery elements just like Odd Taxi, with Legoshi trying to figure out who recently devoured a student at the school he attends. It’s an absolute blast and one of the best anime Netflix has managed to get in its catalog for a long time.

7 Welcome to Irabu’s Office

It’s difficult to describe the similarities between Welcome to Irabu’s Office and Odd Taxi without spoiling major parts of both series. One of the most notable parts of the former is just how out there and different it is compared to anime viewers tend to see today. Anyone interested in seeing a bold and complex story filled with drama should give this show a shot.

6 Boogiepop Phantom

Both shows have a murder mystery element taking place with their stories told from multiple viewpoints. The major difference between the two shows is that Boogiepop Phantom delves far more into horror elements. Those who want to see an urban legend brought to life in the most terrifying way will get a kick out of this anime.

5 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

One of the coolest parts about Odd Taxi was how many little details, even the music video for the anime’s opening, built into the ongoing story of the show. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju has similar elements in its own opening as well as an ongoing mystery that is “solved” throughout the series. The story also is told in an unusual way, with the first season being a huge flashback to the past before returning to the current events of the second season.

4 Ping Pong the Animation

While the two shows don’t appear to have many similarities on the surface, Ping Pong the Animation and Odd Taxi have a lot more in common than many know. Both shows have unique stylized animations and discuss deep emotional stories throughout the series. Both shows also develop the stories of a wide variety of characters.

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While one is a niche sports anime and the other is firmly more of a mystery, both shows have similar enough vibes that fans will likely enjoy one if they liked the other.

3 Laughing Salesman

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Laughing Salesman is a supernatural drama that was extremely popular in Japan but never quite caught on with other audiences when it was released back in the late 80s. Odd Taxi shows what happens when characters get consumed by wanting to achieve their dreams and this show does the same, often with terrible twists for those who take the deals of the sinister salesman who gives the show its name. Both shows aren’t what people typically expect from anime and that difference in vibes is part of why they’re both so similar.

2 BNA: Brand New Animal

Anyone wanting another show with anthropomorphic animals and a major mystery to uncover will absolutely adore Brand New Animal. Both shows involve their characters stumbling upon the criminal underbelly of the world, though BNA focuses far more on action than Odd Taxi does. With how easy it is to catch the show on Netflix, it’s one of the best choices out there for those who want a show similar to Odd Taxi to check out.

1 Sherlock Hound

Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame, Sherlock Hound features anthropomorphic animals solving mysteries in every single episode! While it sometimes lacks the higher stakes found in Odd Taxi, the show still manages to deliver excellent stories in each episode. Plus, the entire series is available legally from the company for free on YouTube making it extremely easy for anyone to watch.

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