It's good that your website is powered by the Content Distribution Network. Not only does CDN save the bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, but your site also becomes extremely fast and tends to rank higher in search engines. You may have heard this saying:

Some people say that nothing in this world is free, I said you just need to know where to look!

CDN – What is the content distribution network?

Before we dive into the free CDNs for your WordPress site, let's cover the basics. Put simply, the Content Delivery Network or CDN is a set of servers, located globally, designed to deliver your site's files to site visitors in the quickest possible time. . Three marks:

  • Bunch of servers.
  • Located across the globe.
  • Provide static files of your website (images, PDFs, static libraries like JavaScript and CSS files) in the fastest time

Why a CDN?

A new website usually has an origin. And it's okay when you start and don't have many visitors. As your website grows, (ie, your traffic increases), your website loading time will also increase.

That is why we have CDN. It speeds up content delivery by serving content from the server closest to the visitor. Your load time decreases and eventually you win.

Start with the CDN List

We will structure this article into four groups :

  • Group one are completely free CDN services that will come bundled free forever.
  • CDN belongs to the group two are the supply groups generous trial period (think twelve months) – enough to expand your blog.
  • Group father Contains CDN again completely Free to store common scripts like jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Group four contains honorable mentions no longer working, but still exists at the time this article was originally posted (that's how it was back in 2016).

Free CDN for WordPress has a Free Pack forever

Assuming you've visited this site to get a free CDN for WordPress, let's dive into the article.

#first. Cloudflare

cloudflare home
cloudflare home

CloudFlare is famous as the best free CDN for WordPress users. This is one of the few top players in the industry that actually offers a free package. Supported by 200 of its data centers , CloudFlare provides speed, reliability and protection from basic DDoS attacks. And that is WordPress plugin Used in over 200,000 active websites.

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This blog is using Cloudflare pro ($ 20 / month)

#2. Incapsula


Incapsula Cloud Application Distribution: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover.

Incapsula has now been purchased by Imperva

Features provided by both CloudFlare and Incapsula:

In a nutshell, this is what Incapsula and CloudFlare do:

  • Routes your entire website traffic through their globally distributed premium server network (This is achieved by a small DNS change)
  • Real-time threat analysis of incoming traffic and blocking the latest web threats including multi-Gigabit DDoS attacks
  • Outbound traffic is accelerated through their global distributed content distribution network

# 3. Site Accelerator (Previously known as Photon) of Jetpack

Jetpack Photon

For all WordPress users – Jetpack No introduction required. In a recent improvement, they included a free CDN service (called Site Accelerator) that serves your site images through their globally provided grid. To activate this service, all you have to do is download and install Jetpack and activate its Photon module.

WordPress users need no introduction to Jetpack. One of the most interesting features that Jetpack provides is their free CDN service called Site Accelerator. The best part?

You do not need to configure one thing! Just install the plugin, log in with your account and activate the Site Accelerator module. That's it. All your images will be offloaded to the powerful WordPress grid on hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide.

# 4. Swarmify

Swarmify, (formerly known as SwarmCDN) is a peer-to-peer content distribution network (P2P) that provides 10 GB bandwidth (for images only) in their free plan.

Suppose a group of people is browsing your site. Think of them as the first 'peer' in P2P. When a new visitor (peer) arrives, the image is served from the existing user group (previous peer).

This saves your server bandwidth and improves load time, as peer devices are often closer to each other. Swarmify also offers video CDNs, which are only part of their paid plan.

Free trial CDN service:

In this section, we explore a number of high-end cloud-based CDN providers with generous trial periods. I think the trial period will be enough to test the service and eventually upgrade to a paid plan

To give you some context, the future of the web is in the cloud. Be it content delivery for your WordPress site or high performance computing for NASA – the cloud is everywhere. We have introduced a few articles on how to install WordPress on the cloud. Today, we will consider similar services that will also provide CDN. We will see Web Services of Amazon and Google Cloud.

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# 5. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a pioneer in bringing high-performance cloud computing to the public at an affordable price. One of their services is Amazon CloudFront An industry-leading content distribution network used by Slack and Spotify!

On top of that, they have one Free use level in a year.

50GB transfer goes during the trial period. This is definitely a must-try product for all WordPress enthusiasts.

How do you get started?

We will start, you can use the plugin WP Offload S3 Lite allows you to integrate Amazon S3 (storage) and Amazon CloudFront (CDN) services with your WordPress website. You can also view our article on how to install WordPress in AWS.

# 6. Google Cloud CDN

Similar to AWS, Google Cloud offers a $ 300 credit for a one-year term, with access Cloud CDN platform their . Previously, we mentioned how to install WordPress on Google Cloud. Today, there are one-click solutions to deploy WordPress (and other leading CMS) on many cloud providers.

# 7. Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure Current (i.e. July 2017) offers 30-day trial version for its services with a $ 200 USD credit. The Azure CDN Available in many data centers around the globe.

#8. Cloudinary

If you run a website that relies heavily on images (think photography portfolio / design portfolio), reducing your image upload to another server would be a good idea.

In the end, you will save a lot of valuable bandwidth. Cloudinary is a powerful image management solution that can store your images, resize them quickly and tons of other cool features. In the free forever package, they offer 2 GB storage with 5 GB bandwidth.

# 9. Imgur

An extremely popular image hosting site, imgur Fast, reliable and perfect for beginners. If you're just getting started and looking for an easy way to save server bandwidth, imgur along with other popular photo hosting sites like PhotoBucket and Flickr will serve your utmost purpose.

#ten. Free Cloud Storage Companies

Free cloud storage service

Another great way to save server bandwidth is to use free cloud storage services. Suppose you have several PDF files or videos available for direct download. Hosting them on your server will consume bandwidth like crazy.

A smart solution would be to use various free cloud storage services. To share a file publicly, simply create a file's public URL and paste it into your website. Here are a few free cloud storage solutions:

  • Dropbox – 2 GB free, can generate up to 18 GB via referrals
  • Google Drive – 15 GB free
  • OneDrive – 7 GB free
  • Copy – 15 GB free, 5 GB per referral
  • Box – 5 GB free
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Free Open-Source CDN for Hosted Libraries

We will now look at some open source libraries, hosted by high-end content distribution networks.

# 11. The library is hosted on Google

Google offers free hosting services for some The most popular library in their superfast infrastructure. This is extremely useful for WordPress developers to use in their themes and plugins.

#twelfth. CDNjs

Cdnjs is a community-provided CDN used by more than 320,000 websites. Sponsored by CloudFlare, UserApp and Algolia, cdnjs more hosting 1,000 library.

# 13. jsDelivr

jsdeliver-cdn service

jsDelivr is one CDN is publicly available , where any web developer can upload and store their own files. It is best suited to host libraries is not hosted by Google.

# 14. Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks that power millions of websites around the world. StackPath is proud to host the CDN Bootstrap libraries.

Honorable mentions (short-term free trial CDN)

The following CDN services offer a trial period, but for security purposes, you need to use the contact form to contact them. When you get a free trial, tweaking it requires an audio secret, which can be gained from this great article.

  1. MetaCDN – Provides a 7-day trial period with unlimited access to all services and no credit card registration – MetaCDN is a good choice for trial CDN.
  2. CDN77 – They offer a 14-day trial with access to all features available in premium packages and no credit card required. If you decide to continue using their service, you will only be charged for what you use per byte (appreciated).
  3. KeyCDN – They offer a free trial period without having to provide a credit card when signing up, it looks like they offer you 250GB free transfer during the trial period.


When should I switch to the appropriate CDN?

The free CDN service will only last for a long time. As your traffic starts to increase – you'll eventually run out of trial bandwidth and / or your visitors may start grumbling about a slow site. That's a sign you should switch to an appropriate CDN service like CloudFlare or other platforms like Amazon Cloudfront, Azure CDN … if the price is right.

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