10 best JavaScript frameworks for developers – When applications grow rapidly, they are always looking for innovative ways to create interactive web applications. The changes are really big next year, the JavaScript community will still stand out in web application development. Thanks to stable functionality, JavaScript has continued to evolve and create complex interfaces with increased effort and less complexity.

The number of frameworks that accompany JavaScript has been increasing in recent years. These frameworks have formed a large community. Here we will introduce the popular JavaScript frameworks are popular.

It is expected that these frameworks will see an increase in interaction and customer interaction. Using these frameworks provides the opportunity to create complex web pages without much effort. The framework is developed on MVC pattern.



Angular JS is an open source framework developed under the MIT license. The ecosystem has grown beyond imagination.

This framework has special power for HTML by inserting the features required to create dynamic views. It has options to expand the HTML attributes of selecting Angular directives. MVC architecture framework helps rapid development process. It has quick testing and maintenance facilities. It has two data binding functions that are generally welcomed across the industry. With Angular JS, creating multiple modules for an application is easy. Each module is interdependent and is used to handle the entire application easily.



Simple to work with, React.JS is a fast-growing, quality-guaranteed framework for large-scale applications. The framework uses a virtual DOM displayed on the client or server side. The React component library is selected on both public and private web applications.

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Known for smooth front development, React.JS stands out from other frameworks and helps developers create great user interfaces to browse tools.

This framework is maintained by Facebook and helps developers deploy virtual DOM.



To make the web more interactive and develop its functionality, jQuery emerged as the most useful framework. This framework is known to turn websites into a great experience place. JQuery plugins and widgets are the most browsed component. There are some big names in the industry like WordPress, Google, IBM that rely on jQuery to deliver the best browsing experience. This framework is suitable for mobile devices. It also has a separate jQuery mobile library, which covers all aspects related to mobile devices.



Aurelia.JS due to discover Rob Eisenberg and is an open source framework supporting the next level of web development. This framework is extremely modular and uses many small independent libraries. This framework is used to make programming a creative process.

As the next generation JavaScript framework, Aurelia takes a more modern approach. Comprising a large collection of libraries, operating with well-defined libraries, Aurelia.JS supports ES5, ES2015, ES2016, Typecript and is very useful and highly flexible.

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This is a platform for setting up mobile applications. Having advanced features, Meteor.JS is useful for user interface, backend development, business logic and database management.

Launched in 2012, Meteor emerges as an open source JavaScript framework grouped under the MIT license. It's quite useful because it has loads of super-functional resources, tutorials, and customized packages for MeteorJS.

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A lightweight yet fully functional JavaScript framework, Backbone.JS was originally discovered by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010. It is an open source JavaScript framework launched under the MIT license.

It is simple, small in size and quite easy to learn. It creates anything by writing its own code. You create a fully functional framework using Backbone.JS



Originally launched by Steve Sanderson in 2010, this open source design follows the MVVM design pattern. Some of the key features of this framework are automatic refresh, dependency tracking, template creation, and binding constraints.



This is the fastest growing framework that is gaining popularity and is getting noticed by JavaScript developers. Thanks to its modular, performance and popularity approach, this framework is positioned in the list of the top 10 JavaScript frameworks.



Stapes comes with the ability to have a great framing experience. Its main focus is on creating classes, custom events, data methods, and so on. The frame has 20 operating modules and with only 600 lines of code, the frame is easy to debug.



When it comes to modern front-end web development, Keystone capabilities really stand out. With the support of Express.JS and MongoDB, Keystone integrates dynamic functions such as database field management, dynamic routes and interfaces.

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Choosing a framework based on a number of features and having aspects such as functionality in a project, application or software must be considered. With this list, you get the best tools for fast web development.

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