After promises of reducing the XRP issuance rate, the first day of February (February 1), Ripple released another 1 billion XRP from its depository store.

Ripple releases 1 billion XRP on schedule

This happens monthly. It is programmed to issue an escrow. From this month, it will be issued in two transactions, each trading 500 million XRP instead of one 1 billion token transaction as previous times.

Ripple unlock 1 bln XRP 2

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The cryptocurrency community has never liked giant XRP releases like this.

Most people think that Ripple is deliberately dumping XRP to pump the company's upcoming IPO. There are also people who think that the reason is to get money to buy Bitcoin before the price of ‘to the moon’.

Ripple unlock 1 bln XRP 3

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A user looking at the reality is more optimistic as the price of XRP is not affected by this issue and is increasing by nearly 7% at the time of writing. He believes that this time will be different from the past and the beautiful times are waiting for XRP ahead.

Ripple unlock 1 bln XRP 4

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Whale arose, moved more than $ 1 billion BTC

Whale Alert drew the attention of the community for two transfers of a total of 99,704 BTC between unknown wallets, or nearly $ 1 billion.

Whales transferred BTC 1

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One link to that transaction shows that the person who received half of the huge sum was the Bittrex exchange.


In the opinion stream, the cryptocurrency community is discussing the possibility of transactions made by a whale preparing to sell some of this Bitcoin on the market through Bittrex.

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Apart from the two huge transactions above, there are three other small transactions transferred between the unknown wallet and the exchange. The total value of these three small moves is 2075 BTC (~ $ 19.4 million).

Whales transferred BTC 3

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According to AZCoin News

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